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B.J. Chang PhD

More and more loupe companies label their products "ergonomic" - even though clinicians are still suffering from injuries and shortened careers because of working pain! 

In this month's article, we will discuss how some loupes are ergonomic in name only, and what you can do to achieve True Ergonomics. 

Note: Please share this article with anyone dealing with discomfort or working pain. This information may be helpful!

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Clinicians Report: Loupe Evaluations*
"Clinical Guidelines for Selecting Loupes"

In this excerpt Clinicians Report highlights vision and ergonomics. They discuss the importance of declination angle when it comes to ergonomics and offer guidelines on how to evaluate your own loupes and posture.

Read their clinical tips in this excerpt!

*An independent, non-profit, dental education and product testing foundation, Clinicians Report(R), August 2016
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