Volume 18 | Q4 Edition
Data Privacy Day
Privacy is everyone's responsibility. Understanding and engaging in activities to maintain privacy is not exclusive to any one department or position. All employees must be committed to creating a culture of respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust in your organization. Strategic Treasurer actively researches and gathers data on how you can protect yourself and your organization from privacy attacks.

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With fraud on the rise, corporate coffers are being targeted by increasingly sophisticated criminals. One of the best ways to protect your organization is to educate your people.
SecureTreasury Training Course

Everyone is at risk for fraud. If your company currently has not been attacked, it is certainly under surveillance. The best defense mechanism is awareness. Knowing how to recognize fraud attacks will greatly aid in defending yourself against the risk of critical loss.

SecureTreasury is a cloud-based program designed to reduce the risk of corporate payment fraud by educating interdepartmental staff on common approaches to fraud, areas of organizational vulnerability, and leading practices for increased controls within a complete treasury security framework.
Wednesday, January 30, 2019
11:00 AM EST / 4:00 PM GMT

Craig Jeffery, Strategic Treasurer
Christopher Gerda, Bottomline
James Richardson, Bottomline
Survey Results Webinar:
2019 Treasury Fraud & Controls

This webinar will provide insights into the 2019 Treasury Fraud & Controls Survey. The current and projected impact of fraud on finance and treasury will be evaluated, along with how practitioners can better protect themselves and their organizations against attacks.

1.2 CTP and FP&A re-certification credits will be given for attendance to this live webinar.
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On this episode of the Becoming a Treasurer series , Craig Jeffery is interviewed on various types of measurements and standards while beginning to explore the practice of setting goals and challenging your team. Listen in to the discussion.
Participants who complete the survey will be entered in a drawing to win one of the 5 Visa gift cards: 1- $200 and 4 - $100
B2B Payments Survey
The 2019 B2B Payments survey seeks to better understand the shifting technologies, strategies, and practices used by organizations across the Business-to-Business (B2B) payments landscape.

  • Exclusive results data for respondents
  • Covers payments technology, spend, security, & more
  • ~50 questions; 15-20 minutes