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Are You "Quilting Your Head Off?"
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Q uestion: What goes “sew, sew, sew, thud?”
A nswer: A quilter piecing their head off.

So much for a bad attempt at humor. But confinement has some unintended consequences such as bad jokes and a large number of quilt tops that need quilting.

Do you have quilt tops? We have longarming availability!

We are Indiana’s newest, old longarming studio. We have been in Indiana for 2 months, but had been in business in Ohio for 16 years. We have quilted almost 10,000 quilts. And, we are here to service Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and all points far and wide.

Our approach is very personal – even when you mail in your quilt top. We let you:

  • Pick the quilting design from our more than 5,000 designs.

  • Select the color of thread from our rainbow array of six dozen colors.

  • Choose the amount you want to invest from edge-to-edge to custom.

  • Have a say in the density of the quilting.

  • Opt for the weight and type of batting.

  • Decide on the color of extra-wide backing from our selection.

We are open during the pandemic. We’re getting tops in daily via the postal service. We send them back free return shipping*.

Once the restrictions are lifted then we will allow quilters to come in and check the quilt tops in personally or quilt their own quilts under our “DIY Longarming” program. Either way we will guide you through all of the steps from check-in to quality assurance.

Are you interested in information on:

  • Our pricing and our “Every 5th=10% & 10th=20% Program”? Click Here!

If you need even more information, or prefer to talk to a human, then call us at 219.255.8085 or email me at

Thank you for letting us get this information to you for your consideration!
* Free return shipping on all quilting over $75.00
Enjoy your blessings!
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