Women of "Power, Love and Discipline" Radiate Peace in Adversity!
We have been through some unprecedented times in our lives for the past three months. We saw the models on TV of the number of people who could die from the CCP Virus and our hearts broke for that possibility. We know families whose lives have been affected and we have hurt with them and have prayed for them. We have prayed that our own loved ones would be spared and we have watched a fearful Nation trying to deal with death and uncertainty.

We also need to realize, as Christians, that death and uncertainty have always been a part of life. However, when the majority of our decisions are based on fear, then we become paralyzed.

The comment below by a Christian sister pretty much sums up my thoughts on the current situation in which we find ourselves. As a matter of fact, it pretty much sums up how I believe a strong Christian feels about every situation!

"I believe we should trust God, not men . . . . Could we die? Yes. As a matter of fact, we will die at some point. So, instead of fearing death, fear God and keep his commandments. Prepare for death by being obedient and faithful. Viruses will exist until the end of time. Do what you can to be healthy and leave yourself in God’s capable hands." 🙏

Dietrich Bonhoeffer said "It is only by living completely in this world one learns to have faith." That means living in a world full of the "good, the bad and the ugly." If it weren't for the "bad and the ugly"our FAITH would never be tested!

In times like these, Christians are the LIGHT of the world and should never despair like those who have no HOPE.

Thankfully, the numbers of deaths in the models were much higher than what has actually happened and new treatments are being found everyday. We are now doing everything we can to protect and care for the most vulnerable in our population.

However, it is also important that as Godly women, we never forget that the most vulnerable of all are the babies who have not taken a breath yet and die by the thousands every day because they are literally killed at the hands of "health care professionals" and that is legal and even celebrated in our culture. Sisters, we must take more of a stand in saving those lives! Do we pray as fervently to get rid of this culture of death as we have been to get rid of the virus? Or are we praying more fervently about the virus because it might affect our families?
God knows our hearts and God knows our motives. God has given Christian women the gifts of power, love and discipline. He has not given us a spirit of fear! Let's live like it!

"The LORD is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?"
Psalm 118:6
A Thought Provoking Article:
Evil Never Sleeps!
by Brent Pollard

Have you ever heard the expression, “Evil never sleeps?” I tried finding the origin of this expression with those tools available to me. From my limited search, I believe the expression likely originates from  Proverbs 4.16 .
“For they cannot sleep unless they do evil; And they are robbed of sleep unless they make someone stumble.” (NASB) I have taken note of how this is true even during a pandemic.

The first thing striking me was my state still advertised its lottery. Are lottery tickets an essential item for which people should leave their house to buy?  I would think not. This soon became a moot point, though, since the state began advertising its existing lottery app one could use to buy lottery tickets online from the “safety” of their own home.  Evil never sleeps.

Second, I had seen the news reports of how pornography was profiting from the shutdown. As soon as people began sheltering in place, one purveyor of internet porn noted an immediate spike in visits to their site. India experienced a 95% rise in porn viewership. 1 Only South Korea, who did not shutdown as much of their country, did not see such a porn patronage spike. 2 When other businesses are shutdown, pornography has likewise become lucrative for women seeking employment during tough economic times. 3 Evil never sleeps.

Third, while being disappointed by the designation of religious assemblies as nonessential by government, I’ve noted that they have propped up vice as essential. For example, in Denver pot dispensaries and liquor stores were exempted from stay at home orders. 4 Meanwhile, churches have not been able to meet in their buildings, even with efforts to practice social distancing. On the weekend of April 12th, you may recall that Louisville, Kentucky, mayor, Greg Fischer, even criminalized “drive-in” church services. Fortunately, a judge overturned Fischer’s “edict.” 5 Evil never sleeps.

Fourth, the abortion industry remains alive and well during shutdown. While certain states successfully closed abortion clinics at the outset of the shutdown by stating such clinics offered only elective procedures, judges have overturned such decisions in favor of granting access to it. 6 So, we are currently living at a time when cancer screening is non-essential, but killing your unborn child is “necessary.” Yes, evil never sleeps.

Since evil never sleeps, what are we, as children of God, to do?

Be on guard  ( 1 Peter 5.8 ). As we have shown, our enemy never sleeps. He is looking to devour us. Thus, we must keep up our alertness.

Redeem our time  ( Ephesians 5.16 ).  Given the uncertainty of our life, we must make the most of the opportunity God gives us to do His will. Even though COVID-19 is deadly, we note that the things taking a man’s life are far more numerous than viruses (cf.  James 4.14 ).

Pray  ( 1 Thessalonians 5.17 ). We must always maintain a prayerful heart. It is an avenue allowing us to “cast our cares” upon our Lord ( 1 Peter 5.7 ). It is likewise the only means whereby we can discover peace surpassing our ability to comprehend ( Philippians 4.16-17 ).

Evil never sleeps, but we can avoid its darkness by remaining on the path shining as bright as day ( Proverbs 4.14-15 , 18), while devoting ourselves to doing our Lord’s will.
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2 Ibid.
3 Dorn, Sara. “ Business Booming for Cam Girls amid Coronavirus Outbreak .” New York Post, NYP Holdings Inc., 16  Mar. 2020 .
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5 Lord, Shaquille. “ District Judge Says City Can’t Stop Louisville Church from Holding Drive-in Easter Service .” WLKY, Hearst Television Inc., 12 Apr. 2020.
6 Tamburin, Adam. “ Federal Court Tweaks Abortion Order, Still Allows Procedures during COVID-19 Pandemic .” The Tennessean, Tennessean.com, 27 Apr. 2020.


Meet Bethany Butt, One of Our Teachers for the Daughters of The King Workshop!

Bethany lives with her husband and three children in Columbia, TN. They worship with the South Gate Church of Christ where she is active in the Ladies Ministry and teaches the two year old Bible class. Bethany received a B.A. in Elementary Education from Freed-Hardeman University and a master's degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Alabama A&M University. She works as a Speech-Language Pathologist for the Maury County School System. 
* Bethany also happens to be my Daughter-in-Love and I am excited about her being a part of this great opportunity
for young ladies to grow in Christ!
Valerie Bernhart is Another Outstanding Teacher for our Daughter's of The King Workshop!

We are excited that Sister Valerie Bernhart will be joining us for the Daughter's of The. King Workshop in July!

Valerie is a member of New Lasea Church of Christ where her husband is an elder. She has taught or assisted with classes of all ages and presently enjoys teaching a young ladies class on Sunday mornings. She also enjoys researching and writing New Lasea's Vacation Bible School curriculum. 

Valerie has worked as a legal assistant for 40 years and is currently secretary to Circuit Judge Chris Sockwell. She is a member of the Maury County Toastmasters and is preparing to be a Ladies' Day speaker. Valerie is also looking forward to having grandchildren some day and teaching them God's Word.  

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The 2020 GBN Power Lectureship will be held at Southaven Church of Christ in Memphis on July 26-29th. The Topic will be: "Answering the Error." I have missed my brothers and sisters in Christ so very much during this shutdown! I hope many will get to attend.

Here is the completed 2020 Power Lectureship flyer. Click the link to download a high quality, printable copy of the flyer.

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  • Sadly, several of the mission trips that we were supporting for some of our sisters in Christ have been cancelled. However, every one of us knows that we have a mission field in every child's heart right in our own communities. Look for opportunities to teach them! Use your home, your car, your money, your voice and your family to reach them with the story of Jesus!

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Also Meet Sister Sarah Hartman another Great Teacher for our "Daughters of The King Workshop"
July 19th -23rd

Dr. Sarah R Hartman has been a member of the Lord’s church for almost 30 years. She has served alongside her husband, Carl Hartman, as a preacher’s wife and a soldier’s wife for over 25 years, and prior to that that she was a preacher’s daughter throughout her entire childhood.

In addition to serving as a minister’s and a soldier’s wife, Sarah has served as an educator for over 20 years. Sarah enjoys using her teaching talents to teach Ladies’ Bible Classes, setting up and working with Vacation Bible Schools, mentoring young ladies and leading programs associated with Lads to Leaders/Leaderettes, etc. and training public school teachers to use their talents to impact children and families with Christ’s love.

Together, Carl and Sarah have three children; John, Daniel, and Sarah Katheryn. Sarah fervently requests the prayers of her brothers and sisters in Christ, the world over, for her and her husband Carl’s work as they continue to serve the Lord!

We have an outstanding lineup of teachers and an outstanding lineup of young ladies and are extremely excited about the workshop! We still have room for a couple more young ladies. You may find the registration form at the link below or email us at sbutt@charter.net and put Daughters of The King in the subject line and we will send you one.

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