Back To School Concerns
Have you or someone you know started the school year with eagerness copiously spiked with anxiety?

Does the weight of dealing with parent requests and administrative obligations cause you to feel overwhelmed?

Is ulcer medication the first item on the shopping list?

Have you tried all the 'conventional' tips for lessening job-related stress and found them ineffective?

Call 1-888-828-7826 for completely confidential and free EAP services throughout the school year!

Teachers are the educators of our youth and deserve respect and recognition for their time and dedication!
How HCAMS Can Help
Working in cooperation with your Union, HCAMS offers services to deal with many personal issues including:
  • Drug & Alcohol Dependence
  • Prescription Medication Dependency
  • Addictions Of All Kinds
  • Stress Related Conditions
  • Sleeplessness & Concentration Difficulties
  • Concentration Difficulties
  • Job Discipline Problems Related To Stress
  • Depression & Anger Management
  • Adolescent, Family, & Relationship Problems
Teaching Is Stressful!

"...Perhaps one of the clearest signals of job dissatisfaction had to do with the fact that more than half - 52 percent - of teachers surveyed said their jobs prevented them from making a lot of decisions on their own. Research has shown that when workers have autonomy, job satisfaction rises." - The Washington Post, 2015


Did you know...

  • Researchers note teachers should be compared to other high stress jobs like air traffic controllers, firefighters, or pilots.
  • Teachers earn 14% less than people in other professions that require similar levels of education.
  • Approximately 92% of teachers spend their own money on their students or classroom.
  • The number of males entering the teaching profession has grown by 26%. The number of women entering teaching has increased at over twice that rate.
Symptoms Can Hide
Behavioral health and substance dependency issues are shame-based, meaning members may attempt to...
  • Hide their symptoms
  • Deny there is a problem
  • Reject assistance
As these signs and symptoms appear, it's time to intervene:
  • Isolating
  • Taking frequent breaks
  • Chronic absenteeism
  • Higher-than-average accident rates
  • Misuse of FMLA time
  • Blaming others for poor performance
  • Interpersonal problems
  • Aggression and/or outbursts
  • Taking needless risks
  • Alcohol on breath / odor
  • Poor hygiene
Schedule A No-Cost Training
HCAMS offers no-cost training sessions on a variety of important topics:
  • Bullying And Hostile Work Environments
  • Stress In The Workplace
  • Building A Culture Of Teamwork
  • Representing A Member In A Behavioral Health Crisis
Call (888) 828-7826 to schedule a training session for your next general membership meeting! Now scheduling for fall!

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