Are you beginning to feel the heat of summer peak processing demands?   

HEAG Can Help.
Many financial aid offices are experiencing the pressure to increase productivity, meet deadlines and improve customer service. You don't have to do it alone! 

Our team of consultants are   COMPLIANCE EXPERTS experienced with  all of the key financial aid management systems including Banner, Datatel, PowerFAIDS and Department of Education software. 

Pick and choose from our variety of service offerings designed to assist you during the busiest of seasons:
  • File Review
  • Verification
  • Awarding & Packaging
  • Pell and Direct Loan Origination and Disbursement 
  • COD and DL Reconciliation
  • Financial Aid Counseling for students & their families
Whether you prefer on-site support or remote support including  VERIFY , HEAG's premier remote verification service, we are able to provide you the assistance you need right away.  
DON'T WAIT.   Call 617.928.1975 or email   today.

Contact:  Colleen King, Executive Director
Higher Education Assistance Group, Inc. (HEAG)
60 Walnut Street, Wellesley, MA 02481