Yesterday marked a historic moment for the City of Glendale. Student leaders from Anderson W. Clark Magnet High School in Glendale organized a March For Black Lives where thousands of community members took to the street to raise their voices against racism and police brutality. The march led to a Vigil at Glendale City Hall, where YWCA Glendale CEO, Tara Peterson greeted everyone with an inspiring speech, inviting the community and our City leaders to do the hard work of addressing the history of racism in Glendale and to ask the crowd, how do we want to emerge from this moment?

"We are at a turning point. We must ask ourselves, what is our vision for a more equitable society? How do we build bridges? Can we sit with the discomfort of this moment so we can open our hearts and our minds to the deep and historical pain of communities who have been brutalized for so long? Do we have the courage to hold those in power accountable for their wrongs? How do we foster empathy and connection? Will we continue to look away from injustice? What does it mean to be an ally in this moment? How will we create welcoming spaces and opportunities to heal?"
Community partners, Black In Glendale, Glendale's religious leaders, and City officials provided transformative and healing speeches calling on our City and its members to commit to the work necessary in this moment for profound social change. Black In Glendale leaders asked, Are You Ready to Rewrite the Narrative? As a 95 year old organization whose mission is eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all, the YWCA Glendale is in this work for the long haul and we are ready to write a new chapter in Glendale's history. We are ready to do this difficult work with our community to turn these powerful moments into concrete, tangible change in Glendale. We invite you to join us in our work to eliminate racism and build a Glendale that sees women, girls, and people of color the way we do: 

Equal. Powerful. Unstoppable.
Thank you to the March Organizers: Gabrielle Scott, Natalie Kinlow and Ava Garcia.
Thank you to the Vigil Organizers: Tara Peterson, Tanita Fadyeyola-Ligons, Tasha Jenkins, Rebeca Andrade, Elen Asatryan, Kate Eberle, Ingrid Gunnell, Malcolm Johnson, Jennie Quinones Skinner, and Ardy Kassakhian.

YWCA Glendale is proud to partner with Black In Glendale and offer our space for their MeetUp events . Black In Glendale's mission is to promote awareness and respect for Black culture through events that honor the heritage, creativity and contributions of Black people and builds community among Glendale neighbors and friends. Together, Black in Glendale will provide a sense of community for people who live, work and play in Glendale.

Inspired by the speeches and healing work led by Black In Glendale at yesterday's vigil? Consider making a donation to support their work: Youth KickBack Events and activities: trauma informed yoga, mental health and healing activities, art supplies, black cultural experiences and field trips.
On June 11th, we invite you to join us for our annual fundraiser, now a virtual event, featuring conversations with our 2020 Legacy Luncheon Honorees centered on Community Building; Community Engagement; Leadership and Innovation; and Social Justice and Social Change. Tickets are $75 with all funds raised supporting our work to eliminate racism and empower women.
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