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Mother_s Day
Are You Ready for Mother's Day?
We've got your covered! With cards and gifts, including scarves, bags, jewelry, soaps, lotions and other treats! And, of course, lots of lovely books. Here are the ones we would most like to find next to the mimosas and smoked salmon on the Mother's Day breakfast tray. (What do you mean, tea and toast? Ah, well a good book might make up for that...)

The Shadow Land
The Shadow Land
Elizabeth Kostova
The past and present combine in this story of a woman who accidentally finds herself in possession of a mysterious urn of ashes. Whose are they? By the author of The Historian. The perfect gift for any mom who loves to lose herself in a complex and sweeping saga.

Bear Town
Fredrick Backman
An emotional and gripping story from the author of A Man Called Ove. Beartown is a tiny, dying town slowly being taken over by the forest around it. The residents are obsessed with ice hockey and the town's junior hockey team, who have reached the national semi-finals. But the pressure on the boys proves too much. For all moms who love an absorbing, heartfelt read.

Peter Heller
Local author, Peter Heller, based this story on his mother's past. Celine is a privileged woman whose business as a private eye is largely devoted to reuniting families. Her latest case takes her to Yellowstone on the trail of a man mauled to death by a bear. But where's the body? Exciting plotting and wonderful nature writing. For the mom who loves great writing and supporting local authors. 

The Trespasser
The Trespasser
Tana French
Another riveting crime novel from Tana French. A harassed new detective on the Dublin Murder Squad starts investigating a murder that becomes increasingly mysterious. A mystery-or-crime-loving mom would like nothing better than to spend her afternoon on the sofa with this one.

The Women in the Castle
The Women in the Castle
Jessica Shattuck
This brand-new evocative and emotional novel is already a New York Times bestseller. A group of widows and their children gather in a crumbling castle in Germany after the defeat of the Nazis. But the repercussions of war threaten their fragile connection. For moms who love historical novels with strong emotional content.

The Hidden Life of Trees
The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate
Peter Wohlleben
Fascinating non-fiction. Look between the leaves to discover Wohlleben's theories on tree families, social networks and communications. For moms who are interested in nature and the complex connections of life.

Mary Oliver
Beautiful, thoughtful essays from the poet, Mary Oliver, focused on her influences and inspirations and particularly about the importance of nature to her and her work. For moms who love poetry, art and literature.

A Piece of the World
A Piece of the World
Christina Baker-Kline
A fascinating blend of fact and fiction that tells the story of Christina Olson, the disabled girl shown in Wyeth's painting, Christina's World. The perfect mellow escape for any tired mom.

No One is Coming to Save Us
No One Is Coming to Save Us

The Dark Flood Rises
The Dark Flood Rises
Margaret Drabble
Brilliant novel about aging and family. The absurdities and challenges of aging dominate Fran's life, not only because she is a housing expert for the elderly but because she is in her seventies. It's not a peaceful old age, with Fran determined to keep working, traveling, and supporting struggling family members. Witty and fast-moving; an excellent read for moms of all ages.

This Fight is Our Fight
This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America's Middle Class
Elizabeth Warren
A passionate defense of the squeezed middle class and their importance to our nation. The US Senator and defender of the middle class, traces the rise of the middle class and its current struggles. An inspiring read for the politically aware mom.

Hardback Favorites Now in Paperback!

All the Light We Cannot See 
All the Light We Cannot See
Anthony Doerr
One of the most impressive and popular novels of recent years is finally out in paperback. This WWII story of two young people, one French, one German, whose stories connect, reminds us of the good in people, even in wartime.

The Summer Before the War 
The Summer Before the War
Helen Simonson
Beautifully written with strong characters. This book tells the story of the people of a small English coastal town during the last idyllic summer days before the First World War, and then follows them through the war and beyond, showing its impact on them.

Lilac Girls
Martha Hall Kelly
Three women, living in different places across the world, are set on a collision course when WWII begins and one of them is sent to a concentration camp.

The Horse Dancer 
 The Horse Dancer 
Jojo Moyes
Another enthralling read from Moyes about staying in touch with your dreams and ambitions. Sarah's grandfather, an elite horseman, gives her a horse, but when he falls ill, she struggles to cope with him and her school responsibilities and keep riding.

Louise Erdrich
After a man accidentally kills his neighbor's son, he gives them his own son, LaRose, as compensation. Over time, with the boy connecting them, both families heal, but then their peace is threatened.  

The Nightingale
The Nightingale
This is the follow up to the incredibly popular The Accidental Empress, and it's just as engaging. It's a historical fiction telling the story of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Restless in the Hofburg Palace, and in her marriage, Sisi escapes to her country estate and a new romance but tragic news draws her back into the country's affairs, and danger. 

Be Frank With Me
Be Frank With Me
Julia Claiborne Johnson
A winning and lively tale of a young woman who is drawn into the lives of an eccentric mother and her even more eccentric son, who at the age of nine likes to wear top hats and quote No ël Coward.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Not a new book, but one given an extra poignancy by the recent death of its author. However, there's nothing sad about this very funny book. It's packed with short, witty anecdotes as Rosenthal observes her own life using the structure of an encyclopedia.

Travel With Children
Travel with Children
Lonely Planet
Hey, kids, want Mom to take you somewhere? Buy this completely updated book to inspire her!  (And behave like little angels, that helps too...)

Independent Bookstore Day
Independent Bookstore Day

Six intrepid authors braved the snow on Saturday, April 29th, to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day with us. The store was busy and warm, with lots of customers talking books with our authors and taking home signed copies. We had a wonderful time and would like to thank all our authors for joining us! We still have signed copies of most of the books that were featured on the day, including Because the Sky is Everywhere (in English and in Spanish) by Nancy Sharp, A Pact With the Living by Dan Eberhart, Who Says by Ling Kee, Chicken Pot Turtle Goes to Iceland (in English and in Spanish) by Angela and Lisa Scheideler, and all three of the Seven Eyes trilogy by Betsy Dornbusch: Exile, Emissary and Enemy. Call us on (303) 759-1117 if you would like us to put any of these books on hold for you or order them online at www.thebookies.com!
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Something different...
Hunger Caterpillar chair
Don't forget our weekly pre-school storytime! Every Tuesday morning at 10:30 a.m., actor Sue Leiser takes her seat in the Hungry Caterpillar chair to share great picture books with young listeners.

We were delighted to be included in this recent article from The Denver Post, rounding up the best local independent bookstores!

Please note that we'll be closed on Sunday May 14th to allow our staff to celebrate Mothers Day.