April/May 2020 Customer Newsletter
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Healthcare Technology Integration Brings Value to Patients and Staff

Healthcare systems are integrating – just like clinicians – to improve patient care, manage communications, boost staff satisfaction, and enhance workflow. Ask yourself the following questions to determine whether healthcare technology integration will be beneficial for you.
Meet Vice President of Technology Randy Montelius

First joining the CEC team in 1982, Randy has held positions in field operations, service, sales, management, and engineering. Today, he serves as CEC’s vice president of technology so he can apply his passion for technology to help our employees solve complex business issues for you.
Managing the First Minute of a School Emergency

The first minute of a school emergency is often the most critical. The speed and accuracy of decisions made during this time will impact the end result. Discover how school intercom systems – traditionally used to set bell schedules and support communication – are now being used to manage response to emergencies. 
The Touchless Revolution: May 12

Discover emerging technology trends as people and businesses adapt to new expectations and return to our "new normal." Learn how touchless technology may be implemented in schools, healthcare settings, corporate offices, industrial plants, and more to improve hygiene and sanitation.
Endpoint Protection for Remote Workers : May 19

Now that many are working from home, endpoint protection is even more important. How can it beef up security? How is it different from what you deploy within your corporate walls? We’ll also discuss remote-access options. (There are many levels between "no access" and "connected to everything.")
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