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November 2018
What's Happening in PPU
Happy Birthday
Personal Power University

As a child grows from infancy to becoming a toddler there are important milestones that doctors and parents look for as markers of good health, development, and peeks into the personality of the child growing before them. Loved ones celebrate all the firsts... First smile, the first tooth, first steps, and first words. Every moment is met with a sense of pride and joy. As the child continues to grow more of their unique personality begins to shine through providing a glimpse into who this growing person will become!

Personal Power University is no different! As we celebrate PPU's 2nd Birthday (woohoo!!) on November 7th we have many milestones to be proud of. Inception, the first milestone. Coach remembers being coached into assembling a course. Curating her numerous video blogs and body of work as she handpicked the key components of her curriculum. A curriculum that had been 6 years in the making! Personal Power University was founded on a core value... developing a Whole-istic Approach to Success . Success is not just defined by acquiring material possessions or things outside of yourself. Coach Rho believes success starts from within your mindset; learning to embrace who you are and what you are capable of. It is this mindset that helped to form the foundation of the curriculum Coach lives by and teaches to all PPU students.

Personal Power University has since celebrated many more "firsts." Coach Rho celebrates the first release of her program and the first marketing campaign to recruit new students. Enrolling the first students in November 2016 marked the beginning of a new journey. Her first time teaching her 12-week course! Coach Rho has now had 7 graduating classes and is currently teaching her 8th term. The PPU family spans across the globe with current students and alumni from all over the US, Canada, and Europe! Personal Power University has helped several students strive towards success in their personal lives, professional endeavors, and acts of service worldwide. And Coach is just getting started! With each term Coach Rho has built lasting relationships and created a nurturing environment where students are safe to share their individual struggles and where tribe members openly encourage one another to press towards greatness. Coach recently hosted the 1st Annual PPU Retreat & Vacation in Orlando, FL with next year set for Bali, Indonesia. All of this in just 2 years!

Stay tuned for our next issue. Power UP asks Coach Rho about her vision for Personal Power University. This is going to be good!
What I learned from
Jason Mayden...
Jason grew up on the southside of Chicago and dreamed of designing shoes for Michael Jordan. Never giving up on his dream Jason became the first African American to get a design internship with Nike. Jason persisted and eventually became the Senior Global Design Director for the Jordan brand. Jason's journey teaches us: don't make excuses for yourself , surround yourself with people that are better than you , and acknowledge that change is a key component of growth .

"When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears." Anthony Robbins
Morning Talks with Rho Recap:
Atonement... Your Happiness May Depend on It!
On a recent morning talk Coach Rho spoke on the need for Atonement. Atonement is defined as a reparation for a wrong, making amends, and reconciliation. Coach expressed the need to atone for things in your life, so you can clean up energetic patterns, and, in so doing open the way for more prosperity and better relationships in your life. As we enter this season of purposeful gratitude what things do you need to make amends for? Check out the entire morning talk here: Atonement... Your Happiness May Depend on it!
You're In Great Company At PPU
This month the Power UP spotlight is shining on our very own TyLeishia Douglass. TyLeishia (aka Ty) is an Author, Activist, Speaker, and Radio Host! Coach Rho selected TyLeishia for this issue of Power UP because she is one of the great reflections of the heart of PPU. TyLeishia's endurance and persistence despite obstacles, her ability to turn challenges into possibilities, her authenticity, passion, natural enthusiasm for life, and her willingness to give to others are some of the traits Coach shared about her.

When Power UP contacted TyLeishia for her one-on-one interview she didn't disappoint. Everything Coach Rho sees in her was evident in our conversation! Immediately Ty chose to use her platform to bring attention to thyroid health. Specifically, Hashimoto's Disease. Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disorder that can cause an underactive thyroid. It is a debilitating disease affecting adults and children - including newborns! Hashimoto's has impacted TyLeishia's ability to sing, walk, and to live a normal life. And this didn't have to be. A simple blood test would have identified this disease. Ty could have been given preventive treatment or hormone therapy to fight this illness.

Among many things, Hashimoto's took away TyLeishia's ability to sing, now she uses her voice to raise awareness. Partnered with the American Thyroid Association she serves as an ambassador in her community. Her passion drives her mission. TyLeishia speaks out, demanding accountability and patient information from healthcare practitioners. She urges patients to be more involved in their treatment too. She wrote a book, sharing her experience with Hashimoto's, titled, Now You See Me: I Am Hashimoto's Unmasked. Recognizing that not all disabilities are obvious Ty considers herself an Invisible Champion committed to living an amazing life despite her diagnosis!

TyLeishia's selfless activism provides a powerful lesson on living a life of greatness No matter what obstacles you are facing, there is ALWAYS something you can give . Now it's your turn! Please click the links and take a minute to check out TyLeishia's website and her internet radio show where she highlights the talents of others, including entrepreneurs, musicians, and other artists: J otu & Gems Radio She even put together a special broadcast to honor PPU's 2nd Birthday. Tune in November 7th @ 8pm EST to join in on the celebration.
November Birthdays
PPU's 2nd birthday - November 7th
Chiest Love - November 9th
Coach Rho's Gratitude List:
  1. Powerful Unsolicited Testimonies & Breakthroughs recently shared by PPU students.
  2. Her father, Joe Bennett, whose strength and vulnerability helped to shape her into the woman she is today.
  3. Bringing on a great accountability coach, in Kecia Haynes, to continue facilitating the vision of PPU.
Power UP November Challenge
Last month we challenged you to spend the start of your day with at least 5 minutes of gratitude. November is the time of year where people come together to celebrate all they are thankful for throughout the year. So, to that end Power UP encourages you to continue this daily act of expressing your gratitude. However, for the month of November we wanted to up the ante just a tad bit! Power UP is challenging you to take some time to think about a situation or situations you need to make atonement for. Once you have identified the situation take action towards your personal healing and happiness! Do what is necessary to make amends, repair, and reconcile. We know this is tough... but you can do it! Remember your happiness is depending on you!
What's in Your Library?
Coach Rho has been raving about Kevin Hart's book, " I Can't Make This Up, Life Lessons ". She shared this powerful excerpt with Power UP news. " If you wait for certainty, you will spend your whole life standing still. And if you grow discouraged and give up when things get rough, you'll miss out on your best possible destiny. So, the secret is to be excited about what is in your power to control, be accepting of what's not in your power to control, and then move with certainty into an uncertain future. This of course leaves open the question of what direction you should move in. The answer: Pay attention. Life is pulling you there automatically. You don't have to know. You don't have to understand. You just have to trust. There is a flow to life, and all you have to do is make the decision to follow that current."
What are you reading? Power Up News wants to hear from you. Share your book recommendations with Coach Rho on her Facebook page!
Product of the Month
People often use the holiday season as a reason to eat lots of unhealthy foods and make empty promises to do better in the upcoming year. Power UP has a better option. Check out Coach Rho's book Eating Healthier For Le$$ for ideas on how to make better choices on a budget! Click the image to order your copy today!

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