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Are You Ready the Reboot?
By Tom O'Shea, CMC, Organizational Agility Practice Leader

Whenever my computer begins to freeze up and its clear that it is overloaded and not able to respond to my commands ... I know it is time to REBOOT.  Reboot is a cleansing action that clears the cache of old, useless information which slows down the operating system performance.  Reboot can also be a refreshing and energizing action that reinvigorates the machine and brings back rapid response sensation.  Pull the plug on the old ways and reinforce the new ways.  Oh, if it were only that easy! Nevertheless, when we feel things spinning out of control or your operating system freezing up - it is worth calling TIME OUT and revisiting THE FOUR ESSENTIALS FOR REBOOTING YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM ...    

Are You "Rewarding A While Hoping For B?"
By Ben Baran, Ph.D. , Agility Analytics Practice Leader

Incentives matter. Rewards motivate people to behave in certain ways. Using incentives, therefore, is one great way to influence the form, direction and intensity of how people act. 

Goals also matter. They help us clarify where we're headed and how to focus our efforts. Setting difficult, specific goals, therefore, is one of the best ways to motivate yourself and others (see the numerous studies on the topic, particularly those by Gary Latham and Edwin Locke). 

But goals and incentives can-and sometimes do-run amuck. 

And when that happens, it's often in the form of "rewarding A while hoping for B," a topic described thoroughly in the classic management article by Steven Kerr.  

That is, we often forget that it's not just about what you're rewarding formally; it's also about what you're rewarding informally. And it's in the unintended informal rewards that we can run into trouble. 

A Team of Highly Trained (Agile) Responders
By Mike Richardson, Team Agility Practice Leader

I was speaking to a Vistage Group of CEOs last week in Minneapolis, hosted by Vistage member Larry Berndt, President of Wenck Response, which provides emergency response teams, equipment and resources for train-derailments, chemical-spills and other such crisis-management situations. 

This photo above is us in front of one of his purpose-designed, emergency response and command center trailers, always sustained at mission-readiness ... ready to go within 1 hour of the first incoming call (that's his SLA: Service-Level-Agreement), 24/7/365 able to roll up on any situation, ready for anything.  That's Agility!

Hurricane Matthew: Personal Agility Matters in a VUCA World
by Nick Horney, Ph.D., Leadership Agility Practice Leader

We drove from North Carolina to Hilton Head, S.C. for our annual family week together.  We never expected to be leaving the island on the evening of October 4 prior to a required evacuation order issued by the Governor of South Carolina on October 5.  Hurricane Matthew certainly turned out to be a deadly VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) event for many in Haiti, Florida, South Carolina and North Carolina. 

Our experience in using The AGILE ModelĀ® to help leaders, teams and organizations deal with VUCA in the business world enabled us to apply it to our personal situation in Hilton Head, SC.  When we arrived in Hilton Head, we connected with The Weather Channel for continuous updates on the alternative paths of the hurricane. 

Agility Consulting Affiliate Corner

Stop the World - As if That Were Possible!  Where did the Present Go?

In a famous quote, noted psychiatrist R.D. Laing stated that "We live in a moment of history where change is so speeded up that we begin to see the present only when it is already disappearing."  This insight has never been truer it seems - especially for those charged with leading and managing organizations.  Many organizations in our modern world operate in a constant environment of disruption.  It seems that organizations facing such VUCA challenges are constantly challenged with the most effective allocation of its resources - cash, technology and people.  Cash flow is essential and investment in technology is a given for sustaining organizations.  It may very well be that people are the remaining asset to be most leveraged.  Yet, those responsible for leading people are faced with the same level of disruption in the practices normally instituted to yield such priority leverage.  Gone are the days of "single focused leadership" as if that were a static qualification.  The world (and organizational sustainability) requires more agile actions.  The world does not stop spinning.  Just when we think we can stop the world to implement the next, singularly focused, set of leadership practices, in steps the adage offered by Laing - we see the present only as it disappears.  The Agile ModelĀ® and its applications hold key answers for the clients served by Agility Affiliates.
Dr. Robert Prescott
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Creating Agility in a VUCA World!


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