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New Webinar    
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Tom Dheere

Wednesday, May 17, 2017  

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Your Coach, 
Tom Dheere 
Over more than two decades, Tom Dheere has narrated thousands of projects for clients in over a dozen countries and voiced more than 50 audiobooks.

He is also a popular voice over business consultant ... a coach at Edge Studio ... was the marketing consultant for the Voice Over Virtual online conference ... and is  writer/producer of the new sci-fi action comic book Agent 1.22.
What They
Say About
Tom ... 

"Tom is a great resource for ideas on organizing one's business." - Melissa Exelberth, voice actor

"Tom's class was a game-changer for me."
- Mark 'Monk' Schane-Lyndon, Adjunct Professor, Bard College at Simon's Rock

"Tom knows a lot about  the voice over industry and he knows a lot about people." - Roxanne Coyne, bilingual voice actor

"Tom has been an invaluable asset to my career." - Dara Rosenberg, voice actor

"Tom is knowledgeable and patient - a wonderful combination." - Alanna O'Brien, performing arts professional

"I first got a glimpse of Tom's brilliance at a seminar ... and knew right away that I needed his detailed analysis for my voice over career." - Michael Schwalbe, voice actor

"He's a very well organized thinker and doer - brilliant at communicating strategies and pulling original ideas out of you." - Sarah Coomes, actress, writer

"Tom gave me the tools to set more accurate goals. And more importantly, Tom helped me develop a 'scaffolding' to keep my business productive, even in the day-to-day trenches of 'life happens'." - Linda Joy, voice actor  

In this exclusive new webinar,
you will learn how to work more efficiently and effectively - regardless of your voice over experience or career level.

Popular voice over business coach and voice actor Tom Dheere will share the knowledge and processes he has developed over more than two decades in voice over to help you become more productive.

What's more, this webinar will teach you how to understand WHY you are getting your current and future results. This enables you to spot problem areas and to change.

Yes, YOU ARE A BUSINESS! Learn from Tom's experience and the systems he's developed to
improve your voice over bottom line.


* Improve your office space and systems 
* Be a cloud-based voice talent 
* Think like a business 
* Analyze your revenue streams 
* And much more! 

Plus, ask Tom your questions in a lively, informative Q&A 
Tuition: $49 
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Webinar Time: Wednesday, May 17, 2017  
The live online event will begin at ...
9 pm Eastern ... 8 pm Central ...  6 pm Pacific  
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