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I know all of us are very busy! I mean, we are women, right? The school year is beginning again and most of us are raising children, helping with grandchildren, using our talents for The Lord and managing households while often holding down a job outside of our homes! That's why I have decided to start each Newsletter with a list of what's inside.

In the beginning section of each Newsletter, I will give you an overview of what is in the Newsletter for the month and on the days you don't have time to read the entire Newsletter, you will be able to scroll to what you believe is most helpful and interesting for you today.

Then, after reading and listening to what you think is most useful for you for today, I hope you will keep a folder of these Newsletters and go back to them for references of books, people, events, Bible teaching, opportunities to serve, etc. The Newsletter will only be valuable to you if you glean strength, encouragement and reference material to be used in your own daily walk and in studying with others.

In all we do, every single day, may our God be glorified through our lives as Sisters, Servants and Soldiers!

1) First Annual Neighborhood Door Knocking Day!
2) Four Baptized during Faithbuilder's Workshop
3) The Christian Response to "Toxic Masculinity"
4) 2019 Speaking Schedule
5) Potpourri and A Great Resource for Family Devo's
6) BIG . . . What do you think?
Hope You Plan to Be a Part of the First Annual Neighborhood Door Knocking Day on October 5th!
The creators of the "House to House, Heart to Heart" magazine are taking another initiative in going house to house by encouraging all Christians to join them for a neighborhood Door Knocking Day on October 5th . To join hundreds of other Christians in meeting their neighbors and inviting them to worship or Bible study, go to nextdoor.housetohouse.com . There you will receive door knocking tips and encouragement to help you get prepared.

What if all of us committed to knocking on 10 doors, or even just 5 doors? I know that lives could be changed! There is good seed waiting somewhere and we are the sowers!

Don't just say, "I will try." Say "I will!" What a great experience this can be for congregations and for our young people as well. Let's make them a part of this opportunity to meet and greet others in the name of Jesus!

It will only take an hour or two of your day and may change lives for eternity! We often go thousands of miles to reach one soul for The Lord. Will we walk a few steps? Let's do it!


Four Souls Added to The Lord's Body at the Northwest Faithbuilder's Workshop in July
in Seattle, WA

It was a joy being with Mike Greene, Lee Jamieson, Dan Winkler, Julian Webster, John DeBerry, and Brandon Edwards at the 2019 Faithbuilder's Workshop in July! The theme was "Reconciliation" and the Bible messages they delivered were outstanding!

Four precious souls became a part of the Body of Christ. Our ladies classes were full and we grew spiritually together!

The dates for 2020 are July 9th - 11th. If you are anywhere near the area, mark your calendar!
The Christian Response to "Toxic Masculinity"

Most of the 2019 Power Lectures from the Southaven Church of Christ can be found on You Tube. I hope you will take time to listen to many of them. I want to share this one in particular on "Toxic Masculinity" by John DeBerry because it reflects the attitude of the world toward the men in our culture and encourages us to respect our husbands and the men in our lives and to raise godly MEN! It will be invaluable to you. I hope you will listen, be encouraged and share it!

You will need to go to YOU TUBE and request this video. I am not being allowed to place a direct link here for some reason. There is a direct link on my Sheila K. Butt facebook page on July 24th, and you may access it there as well. (Unless FB decides it is too "toxic!"



 UPCOMING 2019 "Sisters, Servants, Soldiers" SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS

August 10th, Lithia Springs, GA
August 16-22, Polishing the Pulpit, Sevierville, TN
August 24th, Clarksville, TN
September 6-7, Waterford, Michigan
September 14, Bumpus Mills, TN
September 20, Chesapeake, VA
September 28, Fairfield, NC
October 5, Bear Creek, AL
October 31, Palmerston North, New Zealand

 Sheila Butt
FB: Sheila K. Butt

Please visit our Website at: www.sistersservantssoldiers.com
Potpourri . . .
In this picture is one of my older granddaughters, Grace Anne and I at Bible Camp. I have gone with her and her sister to Bible Camp for the past 17 years where I have taught the oldest girls every year. I have seen many of them grow into strong Sisters, Servants and Soldiers! (Not sure which one this photo of Gracie portrays.) This year she was the girl's student intern for Chapel Hill and she was also "Ugga Bugga Boo!" If that name is not familiar to you, you definitely need to be initiated at Bible Camp!

Also, I know that hundreds of other Sisters, Servants and Soldiers labored at Bible Camps all summer! Hundreds of ladies have cooked, taught, hugged, nursed and loved the campers to mirror for them the love of our Lord. Let me encourage you to find a group that needs you! You will be blessed for it!
The 25th Polishing the Pulpit will be held in Sevierville during the week of August 14-22. There will be thousands of Christians attending and hundreds of excellent Bible lessons taught. You may still be able to register and attend some of the classes. I will direct you to the website in a following Newsletter where you will be able to access and order the DVD's.

Need a Great resource for your family DEVOS?

You will find an excellent resource at:



What do you think?

It has been on my heart to begin a program for a week in the summer for girls. I am thinking about calling it " Bible Institute for Girls " or BIG and limiting it to 25 young ladies.

Older ladies would teach our young ladies how to study the Bible, how to formulate lessons and give pointers in public speaking. We would teach on the home and family as well with the goal being to develop girls who will be able to teach and strengthen the women and teach our children in the Body of Christ.

What do you think? Would it be helpful for your young ladies? We need more Bible class teachers. We need more Ladies' Day speakers and teachers. We need more encouragement for young women who don't feel fulfilled in the body of Christ. I am open to suggestions and hope we as Sisters, Servants and Soldiers understand our responsibility to train up the next generation of young ladies to serve Our Lord and to show His truth and His way to the world!

* Please email me at sbutt@charter.net with your thoughts and suggestions.

To His Glory!

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