Have you been winning in 2015?  The season is now half over, and this is a great time to make sure you're on target for a season that actually matters.  Explore this with Chris Anderson in the July EMI Equipper .

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Win at what matters most in 2015!
Huddle & Event Celebrations

Southwest Virginia Huddle: 

The Southwest Virginia Huddle celebrated another successful Wilderness Road Ride!  This annual event put on by the Virginia Huddle provides a platform to share the love of Christ with their community as ambassadors of Christ.  It also helps support our work.


The proceeds of this ride support FCA Endurance, Virginia FCA, a former FCA Endurance Teammate serving in the mission field in Nicaragua, and ongoing monthly support of a Kenyan orphan.


The Wilderness Road Ride will celebrate its 25th anniversary next season. The Huddle hopes to increase participation in the event. For 2015, the ride brought out 165 riders. If you are in the area or want to take a trip, join them for this fun event next year! For more information, contact Huddle Leader Mark Long. A BIG thank you to the entire Southwest Virginia Huddle and Huddle Leader Mark Long for this incredible event. 

Minneapolis, MN Huddle:  

The Minneapolis Huddle has been busy this season participating and serving at local area races. The group's most recent event, the Buffalo Triathlon is featured in the photo. The huddle has a weekly running group that meets to fellowship and train together. The runs feature different distances and paces to include all running levels. Thank you to Huddle Leaders: Ryan Collins, Aaron Eicher, and Jeff Engel for your leadership and to the entire Minneapolis Huddle for your service. Keep up the great work! 


Space Coast, FL Huddle: 

The Space Coast Huddle (West Melbourne, FL) is one of our newer Endurance Huddles just launching this past March. As we continue to pray for their ministry, it has been fun to watch God's hand upon the group. The Huddle has been growing through their weekly workout and devotional time together. Their service is a light into the community. Thank you to Huddle Leaders Josh and Erin Broline for your service! We pray continued blessings upon your ministry.

Iron Prayer Coeur d'Alene:

The Iron Prayer service at Coeur d'Alene, ID was a blessing to those who attended. The local Salvation Army Kroc Center provided great worship.  Laurie Abrams and Ryan Sousley both spoke, as well as Pastors J.O. Owens and Craig Brown from Heart of the City Church in Coeur d'Alene. The prayer time was powerful and touched those present. Thank you to Aaron Anstett for your help in coordinating and to all those who served to make this a successful event!  


FCA Endurance Board Retreat: 

In early June the FCA Endurance National Advisory Board met for its yearly retreat.  The retreat was an encouraging time of reflection on God's favor over the previous year and decade.  It also provided an opportunity to reflect on our mission and strategy, as well as to plan for the future.  We explored the best ways to serve alongside local FCA field staff in supporting Huddle ministry, future video equipping opportunities, how to meet ongoing ministry funding needs, and the possibility of a FCA Endurance app, among other things.  We also got to welcome in our newest Board member, Heather Gollnick.  We're excited about the coming year, and we thank our Board for their extraordinary commitment to our mission.    

Welcome New Huddles & Huddle Leaders

We are excited to welcome the following new Huddles and Huddle Leaders! Please pray for their ministries and help us welcome them to the team by sending a quick note of encouragement.

  • Gina Buscema joined the Centreville, VA Huddle as Co-Leader
News & Updates

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