July 3, 2019 - Issue 19-27

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How do you like networking?

If you're an introvert, you may find it difficult, or even painful. I feel your pain! I too have struggled with this.

Here's Jeff Haden with some great suggestions for how to make it easier --- for you, as well as for someone else who may be feeling the same unease.

It's all about starting a comfortable conversation. Just as you might do with a friend or acquaintance at a cocktail party or coffee shop .

Find someone who looks as uncomfortable as you feel.

Have a few open-ended questions ready, such as:
Where do you live?
Do you like that area?
What line of work are you in?
What got you into that business?
What do you like about what you do?

You should also be ready to answer similar questions. In particular, the middle one offers an opportunity that many miss. If you just say, "I'm a real estate broker", or "I'm a loan officer in XYZ Bank", it's doesn't sound very interesting. 

Try, "I help people with growing families find the home their family can love". Or "I help people get the money they need to build their business". Or whatever specific niche you serve.

These questions will usually lead to some area of common interest between you. This opens up the opportunity to talk about that. Voila! You've made a new acquaintance. Maybe even a friend!

In Jeff's article, there's even a little 40-second video with some suggestions as to what to do if you think you made a poor impression with someone. (You'll have to unmute the voice - it opens muted.)
John Stevens

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Are you a "master networker"? It seems few are.
Jeff Haden's suggestions may help you become one.  Care to discuss how they work for you?

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Throughout a career spanning over 45 years my management style has been one of building teams to bring several competent people together to focus on a common objective. I noted early in my career that, in most organizations, there is an enormous amount of time, energy, and effort wasted by people working at cross purposes.

As I transition to life in the Argentine outback, my focus shifts from coaching to helping other business coaches and advisers get their message out to their prospective clients. With my first-hand knowledge of the benefits of effective business coaching, I am uniquely qualified to help business advisers of all stripes convey their message.

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