Are Your Listings Tired of Being on the Market?
How are your listings selling? Do they need help? Whether it is a new listing or one that has been on the market for quite a while, we can offer a 2-3 hour consultation for a minimal investment. During this time, we give the seller ideas to make their home appeal to most buyers. We use as much of the seller's own furnishings as possible. If needed, we can provide shopping services for an additional fee to update the room. Most often, furniture and accessories need to be cleared out. Some furniture looks better in difference spaces. We have the training and visual eye to know what is most appealing to the majority of the potential buyers. If they like what they see, they will fall in love with the home and buy it.

Home staging showcases the best features of a house by creating an inviting but neutral atmosphere that will appeal to the widest range of potential buyers. We create a warm and attractive ambiance for home buyers to immediately envision themselves living in the home. The result. Your home sells quickly, and at the best possible price.
Need to make your home ready to sell? Give Staging Works Wonders a call .
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