Launch into 2016!
We decided to start our year making a parody music video of Drake's Hotline Blink!  Enjoy and share!

Welcome to the year 2016. A year that will be filled with new ideas, new startups, and plenty of failures! But remember, failures help us get closer to successes! 

This is your year! It is time to start that wacky idea that you have always had. Or if you don't have an idea, we can help you find a wacky one. 

Get inspired to make 2016 a massive year of startup success, and see you soon! Check out the fun news below.

The Blackstone LaunchPad at UCI Crew!
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What to look for at the Blackstone LaunchPad
Introducing Tank Tuesday:
Come for the Sharks, Leave with Prizes 

New Year, New Lunchtime LaunchPad!

Lunchtime LaunchPad is here! Each week (Monday's @ 12pm and Thursday's @ 12:30pm) we bring in guest speakers to talk about entrepreneurial topics. Pizza is provided. 

Marinela Gombosev

10 Reasons Startups Fail 

Marinela Gombosev has over a decade of wide ranging experiences in both large corporate environments and entrepreneurial ventures from product development to engineering to executive leadership. She shared the top 10 reasons that Startups Fail!
Steve Andrews

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Software Development

 Steve Andrews is a sixteen year software development veteran residing in Southern California and four time Microsoft MVP Award recipient. He is the Executive Director of Platinum Bay Technologies, a software technology company designed to create safe and empowering careers for Autistic individuals. His talk helped ANTrepreneurs understand how they can make it as a software engineer in the entrepreneurial world!
Bruce Sargeant 

How to get the technical skills you need to start your own business.

Bruce Sargeant currently consults for several small medical startups and has also been teaching part time for UCI Extension program for the past several years and working with the engineering school as a mentor. The discussion focused  on how to leverage what you do in school into your own business.  

Kevin Kinsey

Do's and Don'ts in Your Startup Journey 
 Kevin Kinsey, spearheads his operation from its base in Irvine, CA and is responsible for strategic direction, company vision, as well as day-to-day operations. He serves on the Leadership Council at UCI's Information and Computer Sciences College and talked to ANTrepreneurs about the Do's and Dont's of making an epic startup journey. 

Capture the Snap
Ring Around the Roadey: The 2016 Hunt

Watch out for Rocket riding his overboard around campus! His New Years Resolution is to have 500 high fives from ANNrepreneurs by the end of the quarter! 

Follow us on Snapchat @LaunchPad_UCI and during the week we will let you know when Rocket is making a loop around Ring Road. If you find Rocket and take a Snap with him, you will get some swag!
Post - A - Problem

Your wacky idea can begin here! We are big believers that most good ideas solve a real problem. To help spark ideas, we are asking students, faculty, and staff to help us fill our walls with problems! Yes, we want to know your problems! 

Then next quarter, we will work to solve the problems! There is no problem too big or too small. Next time you visit, make sure that you post your problem on a post-it note on our wall! 
And if you can't come up with a problem, then that is a problem! 
Start  Business Plan Competition

The 2016 Business Plan Competition at The Paul Merage School of Business is one of the nation's premier business plan competitions offering all UC Irvine students, staff, and researchers the opportunity to form a team, create a business plan, and potentially fund their business idea all within six months.

Students who wish to register for the 2016 competition may do so at . Participants will form a team, submit their concept papers, attend competition related workshops and submit their final business pitch deck on  April 22, 2016 . The competition culminates in The Final Presentation and Awards Ceremony on  Friday, May 6, 2016 , where prizes in excess of $100,000 in value will be awarded.

Between the kick-off and finals, the Blackstone LaunchPad will be offering assistance to all teams who want to work on their business ideas, business plans, and business pitch. There will be also be six workshops covering a broad area of business plan development skills led by expert practitioners from across Orange County. The next event is January 13th at the Executive Commons at Merage.  
Beal / Butterworth 

The Butterworth Product Development Competition i s a product development competition designed to encourage the creation of new technologies with potential for commercialization. Ideas and products are evaluated on their technological merits and potential to impact the marketplace. Students are encouraged to submit new products that involve the development of software and systems. Products that entail integration are acceptable as long as there is a substantial development effort.

The competition is open to all UCI students. Teams must be composed of at least two (2) students, one (1) of which must be enrolled at the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences.

The Beall Student Design Competition is offered   to encourage the creation of new technologies, or solutions to current design problems that have the potential for commercialization. Ideas and products are evaluated on their technological merits as well as potential to impact the marketplace. Students are encouraged to submit new product ideas that involve the development of hardware and devices. Products that entail integration are acceptable as long as there is a substantial development effort.

The competition is open to all UCI students. 

Teams must be composed of at least two (2) students, one (1) of which must be enrolled at The Henry Samueli School of Engineering.

As always, the Blackstone LaunchPad is a great resource for all steps of on campus competitions. All you have to do is register at
Startup Resolutions 

Joker Greeting Resolutions 

1. Look for right partner 

2. Expand business lines outside of cards

3. Test new card ideas 

Travis Peterson


This year I want to learn more about how to find the right team for my company. Finding the right team for the company is really important. I want to find people who are inspiring, hard-working, and willing to work with me to make this company successful. 

- Jenn Huynh

NewPort Flips

Newport flips are reversible sunglasses, and the only fashion accessory with dual personalities. 

Goals for the new years: 
Launch, Sell, Bro Down!

In other words...Launch a shopify store (google "Newport Flips Reversible Sunglasses"), Sell, and become profitable by summer.

Eric Casavant


 My goal with  N udge is to motivate everyone to adopt the lifestyle choices that help prevent disease. It sprouted from having observed patients receiving a lack of long-term tools to adopt these changes. With Nudge and my future projects, I hope to have an elegant way to address patient needs faster than your traditional encounter.

Scott Refugio
Little Tiny Owls

My New Year Resolution was to launch my new e-commerce store. 

News Flash, 7 days into 2016, and I have achieved my resolution! 

Now its time to sell
my Little Tiny Owl products! 

Order from us and 
"Owl always love you!"

Colin Ma
Things You Need To Know About
1 Million Cups 

1   Million   Cups  is an awesome event, and a great platform for feedback. 
The format is simple. Each week two entrepreneurs get to give a six minute presentation, followed by a 20 minute question and answer session led by the audience members. We are currently booking for Winter presentations. If you are a startup with an idea, we want you to join us. It is a friendly environment for early startups to gain valuable help from the community. Held at The Cove every Wednesday morning at 8am, you can also come by to be part of the audience. 
The event is free and we provide coffee and tea. 
If you would like to apply to be a presenter, please apply at 

Do You Know T.E.A?

The mission of TEA is to develop and foster the entrepreneurial spirit and passion at UCI. We believe that it is our duty to educate students and spark their innovative fire by providing workshops, programs, resources and connecting them to a network of entrepreneurs. We believe in solving problems. We believe in serving others. We believe in carving our own path.

For more information, visit or contact Asher Yeh at
From TEDxUCIrvine

Welcome back Anteaters, we hope you all had a wonderful break and are motivated to start this new year. TEDxUCIrvine is excited to announce that we are opening applications for new members. If you have ever wanted to be a part of organizing a TEDx event we encourage you to apply to be a v olunteer here and  Tedster  here!

Come and Network for the New Year: 
 Lunch and Learn 
at The Cove

Come out and see the new series of speakers at The Cove, Lunch and Learns allow for you to hear first hand the in and outs of Entrepreneurship. The Lunch & Learn event is an opportunity for Experts-in-Residence (EiRs) to present informal talks and Q&As with startup teams working at the Cove.  Make sure to schedule it in for you to start and develop your next project!

1.08.16  12:00pm   Howard Klein: Trademark basics for entrepreneurs

1.15.16  12:00pm  Virginia Suveiu: Legal issues facing entrepreneurs

1.22.16  12:00pm  Scott McOwen: Look into buying before starting from scratch

1.29.16  12:00pm  Dennis Thompson: Medical devices/sales
Mark Your Calendar 
Get Organized! Mark Your  Calendars! 

Friday, January 8th, 2016 Lunch and Learn at The Cove. RSVP here

January 9th, 2016 OC iOS Developers Designers Publishers at Apple Store, Fashion Island RSVP here 

January 13th, 2016 1Million Cups at The Cove. RSVP here

January 13th, 2016 BPC Workshop: Assessing the Market at The Cove. RSVP here

January 14th, 2016 The Arts & Science of an Investor Presentation with Richard Sudek at The Cove . RSVP here

January 14th, 2016 OC Young Entrepreneur Networking: How Global Brands Make Millions Through Bizarre Marketing at Microsoft Store, South Coast Plaza. RSVP here

January 19th, 2016
BPC Workshop: How to Develop a Winning Concept and Lead Your Team to Success at the Merage School Executive Commons, MPAA 100. RSVP here

January 20th, 2016 BPC Registration Closes at 11:59pm 

January 23rd, 2016 Introduction to Continuous Delivery with Jenkins at Null Space Labs. RSVP here

January 27th, 2016 OC Tech Happy Hour at The Cove. RSVP here

January 27th, 2016 SM New Tech Meetup. RSVP here

January 28th, 2016 Tech Trivia Night at The Cove.
RSVP here

January 30th, 2016 Santa Monica New Tech: Silicon Beach Startup 101. RSVP here

February 5th, 2016 Concept Paper Advisory Meeting at the Cove. RSVP here

February 10th, 2016 BPC Workshop: How to Write a Business Plan at the Merage School Executive Commons, MPAA 100. RSVP here

February 17th, 2016 BPC: Intellectual Property and Protection at the Merage School Executive Commons, MPAA 100. RSVP here

February 18th, 2016 BPC Concept Papers Due by 11:50pm

How to Get Involved 
It is easier than you think. Scan the list and let us know your interests. 

1 Million Cups:
Want to present at our weekly event to share your startup with the community? 
Office Hours:  Share your wisdom with students  here .

Event Speakers Apply here .
Lunchtime LaunchPad Guests: 
Share your experiences with students during lunch  here.
Mentor/Venture Coach:  Learn more here .

Event volunteer:  Volunteer at events  here .

Peer 2 Peer Mentor:
Are you interested in mentoring fellow students? Apply here

Does your company have internship opportunities to offer to our entrepreneurs? Please submit positions here.
Some Launch Highlights.

The Grab Launch

Here we see a launch with a foot grab. Very impressive. 

The Rocket Launch

Both hands contained, all focus and energy is on launching straight up. You can tell by the height that this was a successful launch indeed. 

The Double Zot Launch

After our Lunchtime LaunchPad speaker guests finish their talk. We ask them to showcase their launching skills. Here you can see  that Ricardo is a natural. Great form and he pulled off the double zot!

The Peace Launch

A more casual approach, we see the peace launch, as indicated by the hand and finger placement. The longer body posture is also a stragetic move  and  not as easy as it looks. Well played sir. 

How the Blackstone LaunchPad Can Help

If You Have No Idea...
We can help


If You Have a Basic Idea and Need to Know if it is Feasible...
We can help

 Tackling a Tough Business Challenge...
We can help


Competition Prep...
We can help


Have an Idea you Want to Patent...
We can help


Ready to Incorporate...
We can help


Need Prep for your Investor Pitch...
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Come by or sign up online to get startup help!
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