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Running a Well-Managed
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 Medical couriers have a particularly unique job, and in some cases their efficiency can save lives. In this month’s blog we’re taking a look at the challenges of a specimen courier team and how, with the help of today’s technological innovations, we can help labs and couriers improve operations and increase accuracy.
Are Your Specimen Volumes Dropping?
When it comes to maintaining a competitive position, knowledge is power. Lab administrators and courier managers benefit from a solution, such as MCE, that enables visibility of metrics needed to make informed decisions. For example, using MCE's reporting features, you can easily examine monthly specimen volumes from referring physicians.

If you notice a steady decrease in specimen volumes, speak to your couriers and marketing reps before contacting the referring physician. Since they are your ‘feet on the street’, they may have additional insights explaining the decrease. 

Need assistance understanding the reporting feature? Contact our Service & Support team today for assistance. 877-331-7427 x 119 or email: .
MCE Feature: User Defined Password Complexity 
Did you know that through MCE Service & Support you can define your own password complexity requirements? Every lab has unique requirements, and for some, passwords must meet technical conditions in order to be considered secure.

Contact us today and we will create password parameters for your lab based on the technical specifications you require.
Giving Thanks!
Although we appreciate our users every day of the year, the Thanksgiving season lends itself to another chance to let the MCE community know how much you are appreciated. From collaboration and conversation to help make MCE the best it can be for your lab, to the insight and input our users bring to us so we can keep on improving, we thank you for your loyalty and participation in making MCE the best it can be for your business. 

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends.

Please note we will be closed for Thanksgiving November 27-28, and will re-open for business Monday, December 2nd.
Dave Taylor, MCE President, speaking with MCE customers at the CNY CLMA conference.
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