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Are Your Vendors Super Heroes?              

The Super Hero Solution 
Disigned for Retail Chain Roll-Outs

Where I live, in the city of Chicago, the summer brings thoughts of many things. Beautiful weather (finally), road construction (yuck), baseball (Go Cubs!), and blockbuster superhero movies opening every other week. Regardless, of what you're into, the Summer brings the action and the ability to get just about anything done.

Super Hero movie season is something I always look forward. Whether its Batman, Superman, Captain America, or even Deadpool , they always have a set of skills they use to overcome overwhelming odds.  
That's what we like to do at RPM. By combining the skills we have in project management, logistics, installation, merchandising, technology, and survey, we can take your retail project and create the Super Hero Solution which uses those skills to complete monumental tasks.

If you have ever wished for a "the Super Hero Solution" for your current or upcoming project, call us now!
Let's sit down and discuss how RPM can use our Secret Powers and provide: Installogics to transform your next roll-out,  product / display introduction,  new store install, remodel, move or closedown with minimal store disruption. We'll help you innovate a process that's perfect for your program.  

Are you still using time worn, tried and true methods only to know that tried and true means cost over runs, damaged or lost freight, and at least 10 to 15% of your locations need to be revisited on your dime? 

We'll help you innovate a process that's perfect for your program. We have the experience, the team, and the network to kick your busy season off the right way. Our innovative processes move the liability off you, your vendors, your transportation companies and onto RPM for a all-up "one-source" solution. Call RPM for a no obligation consultation and quote for your program today!
If you have a program that could benefit from the suite of services that RPM offers, call now and lets get you on the road to successful Summer and Fall Roll Out!

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Retail Project Managers, Inc. Newsletter
May New Concept Retail Edition 2016
Survey: Retail CFOs upping investment in store remodeling/redesign
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What is RPM's Core Business

We are Retail Project Managers, Inc.  (RPM)

We manage roll-outs for all types of national retailers including retail, automotive and financial chains.  

We are Shaping the World that Retail lives in

We  are the linkage that creates and manages the process from your vendors back door to a successful documented installation .. and then will provide results by measuring revisits and then take downs / returns or disposal if needed.

How we do we move Risk and Liability from your Project Budgets to become our Liability.. "RPM owns the Process and therefore the Liability".

In other words .. all phases of execution of  programs while providing the skill-sets needed... to view the rest of the article click below:

A Moment in Time.. One day 387 techs and 82 Field Offices engaged
Retail Rollouts: 
Displays, Fixtures, Signage, Graphics, Screens, Routers, Menu Boards
Major Automotive Rollout

When 500 or 5,000 stores need new signage, department, or a display, RPM's systems ensures a smooth project since our installers deliver and install in "One Fell Swoop".. It's called Installogics .. the point where deliveries and installations are one .. not just Integrated but the power of....

ONE Company Picking the product up at one or multiple vendors .. Consolidating, Delivering and Installing in  "One Fell Swoop"
82 Field Service Offices
 to Serve You:
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172 Service Vendors and 
82 Full Service FSO Locations
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Teaming up with RPM-
Express distribution services, RPM FastTrak crews use a national network of strategically located distribution centers warehousing everything necessary to complete their task. RPM combines our experienced installers with local labor for an efficient, well-managed logistics + Roll-Out + installation program called Instal logics.

50.000 Local Installers / Techs Doing Service work in 2015.. More for 2016
RPM's Upstream + Downstream Process EcoSystem
Click on Image to see full size

By controlling all aspects of the Process RPM eliminates those costly "Hiccups" and "Oops" of the Traditional Roll-Out process.
That's the RPM EcoSystem ... all tied together through an Advanced Project Management System.

Never file a "Freight Claim Again" using the RPM EcoSytem
Integrated Logistics & Warehousing:
Intrigued by the Concepts of: 
    • Rolling Warehouses
    • 100% use of Weight & Cube in Transportation
    • Damage Free Delivery Combined with Installation
    • Minimizing Store Disruption
    • Eliminating go backs
    • Eliminating Overnight replacement
    • Eliminating the blame game between Vendor, Trucking Carrier, Local Delivery and Installer
Movement of product /displays / equipment in 53' over the road Trailers (RPM- Express ) to 24' RPM Fast-Trak Teams for delivery and Installation in a sequenced Roll-Out is the Hallmark of RPM's Process Management System.

Did You Know???
RPM's Fact Sheet
    RPM has been solving Project/Process Problems for 16 years
For 16 years RPM has evolved from just installations to logistics and warehousing.. finding methods of taking liability off your shoulders and providing on line streaming project management and project execution.

RPM Creates and Maintains your project site and details of the individuals stores installation, sign off documents and photo verification.. on your choice of our standard RPM site or a unique Branded Web-Site for you and your customers ... to continue reading click below:

Or visit our website:  Retail Project Managers Website
Call RPM For Project Pain Relief if your Tired of: 
        • lost product, 
        • late deliveries, 
        • Go Back Costs, 
        • Air Freight replacement, 
        • costly Over-Runs 
        • Store Disruption
...RPM has the Relief for you, Your Company and Store Operators. 


Call us at: 1-800-218-7552 and choose extension 216 for Sales or Project Planning assistance.
Let us know about your Next Program / Rollout / 

If you would like to schedule a Meeting with one of our  Representatives just  Click on the Button above and le ave your name, company, phone number and email address.

In This Issue
Change Case Study #1
of How Process Mapping 
"Ensures On-time results while saving 50% of Roll-out cost
 for a Major Chain Store project "
Click on above image to see in full size
See how Process Mapping Impacted this 5,500 Store Rollout by 50% n this Nationwide Program
  • "Saved $100 dollars per unit Packaging per store
  • Cut outbound Deliveries by 3/4, ($120 to $30 dollars / store)
  • Eliminated Driver Assist Delivery requirement, (cost of $80 dollars per store)
  • No late or delayed deliveries .. 
  • Delivery, Installation & Merchandising in one unitized process
  • Total Cost using Installogics Process - $1,100,000 dollars
  • Total Savings to Client 1,100,000 dollars (50% savings)"

To View Installogics Case Study Click on this line!

Or visit our website:  Retail Project Managers Website
Change Case Study #2
of How National Tech Coverage
"Ensures Low Cost Execution on the Basic Services "
30,000 locations .. Professional Offices 
click on above image for full size map

  Rollout Cost Savings Results for each of 30,000 location in this Nationwide Program by using local Techs with-in a 20 mile distance of each location
  • Saved $10 dollars per diem for installers meals 
  • and lodging (prorated at 8 day)
  • Saved $10 per location in drive time 
  • and travel time per location
  • Installation, set-up and product return 
  • all in one unitized process
  • Total Cost using localized Techs - $1,500,000 dollars
  • Total Savings to Client $1,010,000 dollars (40% savings)

To View a National Set-up of 30,000 offices Case Study Click on this line!

Or visit our website:  Retail Project Managers Website
Change Case #3 
It's up to You to Choose:
The Time Worn Traditional Distribution System
Click on Images for Full Size

Or the New RPM Installogics Process Distribution
Click on Images for Full Size
RPM Tech Services:
Focused on Retail 
New, Improved, and Game Changing

As the technology of this industry evolves and creates new problems to solve and opportunities to grasp, so must the companies who provide important services...

As the industry shifts to the digital world, RPM recognizes the need for Trained Field IT professionals...

Digital, interactive displays are the wave of the future...and RPM has the solution for your IT roll-out s. to continue to read about the Tech Services RPM provides both to manage your project and /or use to install or setup your digital information click below:

A living, Data Process Management Systems 
Process ->>> Completion

Each Project is Branded by Company and Customized to that Projects Unique Process (PUP) as part of the project on the RPM Project Management Portal (PMP).


PM's, PC's and Installers are constantly updating and verifying photos and data, giving each site "life".
Retail FAQ's: 
Retail Project Managers, Inc
RPM, Retail Project Managers, Inc., is your Project Management Company.. Project Management through the integration of survey, transportation, warehousing, consolidation, logistics, installation and merchandising company. RPM uses a process integration called Installogics. 

Installogics uses a different process for logistics and deliveries integrated with the installation teams providing fixture, graphics, digital screen, kiosk and various forms of POP/In-Store displays and graphic installations whereby cost are greatly reduced, damage eliminated and on-time completions the norm.

The use of integrated project management and inventory / warehousing websites and a network of 50,000 contract employees, RPM W2 and 82 FSO (Field Service Offices) allows for real time tracking of Retail / Automotive and Financial deliveries and installation.


Retail Project Managers, Inc
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