Your Monthly News and Updates, April 2017
Do magnet schools need a renovation in today’s education system? CNA Education magnet and charter school expert Dr. Julie Harris explores this question in a new article and podcast episode. Read on for these and for a new tool to help students locate top-notch cybersecurity programs!
Do magnet schools need a renovation in today’s modern education system?
Magnet schools were established 50 years ago as an option for integrating schools, but are they doing today the job they were originally intended to accomplish? CNA Education magnet and charter school expert Dr. Julie Harris explores this question in a new article. Using data from a large urban school district, Harris examines individual participation in magnet school choice, what student and school characteristics are associated with choosing a magnet school, and how school and district composition change as students leave traditional public schools for magnet schools.
STEMwire Live Episode 5: Do magnet schools need a renovation?
In this episode of STEMwire Live, CNA Education Research Analyst Dr. Julie Harris discusses her research on school choice and magnet schools and whether they are serving students to the greatest possible degree. She shares her expertise on the history of magnet schools, as well as her findings on why students and parents choose magnet schools over traditional public schools.
Interactive Map Tool Helps Students Find Cybersecurity Programs
Did you know there were a quarter of a million job postings in cybersecurity in 2014? Did you also know that information security analysts receive a median salary of over $90,000? Cybersecurity is a high-demand, high-wage field, and CNA Education has produced a new tool to help students, school counselors, career and technical education coordinators, and others find highly ranked cybersecurity programs across the country.
An Interview with Rikesh Nana
We talked with Rikesh Nana, creator of CNA Education’s cybersecurity program tool, about why he became a researcher and his most interesting research findings thus far. Rikesh has a diverse background in education policy research, including areas such as college and career readiness, workforce development, rural schools, rigorous course access, and teacher evaluation. Rikesh is driven by a passion for equal access to quality education, and his favorite part of education research is interacting with teachers, principals, and other practitioners and policymakers and seeing the education world from their eyes. 
In Case You Missed It: Article Examines Problem of Absenteeism
Some may think missing school, especially in earlier grades, is harmless. Well, research strongly indicates otherwise. In a short article, CNA Education’s school crime and safety expert Simone Robers examines causes and consequences of chronic absenteeism and what data and research are still needed to effectively address the epidemic. She also discusses how research CNA Education is currently conducting could provide vital information about the state of absenteeism in the United States.
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