A Chance To Breathe...

OK. Here's the fifth episode! Like I said the last few weeks, we are all taking this so seriously (as we should be) and our lives are being consumed by COVID-19 and all it entails. We need laughs, we need warmth in our hearts - we need connection. John Krasinski deserves a great deal of praise for delivering all of us Some Good News...Episode 5


We have all been guilty of getting caught up in the game of comparing ourselves to others. In typical times this can lead to bruised egos and hurt feelings, but with what we’re dealing with today, it can lead to much more severe consequences. Be kind to yourself. Always.

It sounds like yet another sibling argument. Or stomping feet followed by a slammed door. It sounds like loud voices and defiance or those two particularly whiny words parents everywhere love: I’m bored. It sounds like a lot of different things, but what it actually might be is sadness.

It’s not surprising that our kids may be feeling sad right now. They’re got a lot to be sad about—school has been canceled, their sports and activities have been cancelled, Friday night dinners at Grandma and Grandpa’s have been canceled... it seems like their whole world has been canceled. But sadness, particularly in kids, can masquerade as other emotions.

After voluntarily entering self-isolation three days ago, I’ve come to a startling discovery.

Working from home, barely seeing people, meetings over Skype and phone, very little human contact… I have been voluntarily self-isolating for the better part of three years of my life.

I’m an introvert who runs her own businesses from home, and I really thrive on working alone and not having a lot of human interaction throughout my workday.

 Feeling overwhelmed by it all? Perhaps you need some interaction or support? Please go to the links below to find on-line support and connection.
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Time for a laugh!
Laughter is so important for all of us. Sure these are serious times, but that doesn't mean we can't share a good chuckle. Laughter is healthy and needed by all of us. So on that note, see any good memes lately? Share them with everyone; because who doesn't love a good laugh!!!
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