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Happy New Year to all.  As we flip the calendars over to a new year, we have new changes and reminders regarding the insurance/employer reimbursement programs.  Please take the time to read and share this information with your staff.  When and if you and your staff have questions, please lean on NIHCA and our team to help you with the answers.  We are here for you, the facility.  The more informed you can be as a facility, the more helpful you will be to your members.  If the member has a question that you do not know the answer to, do not direct them to us - they will need to call the Customer Service number on the back of their card.  However, we are happy to field questions from you, the club anytime.

The updates and reminders are as follows:
1.         HealthPartners  ~ HealthPartners has notified NIHCA that there will be a slight delay in the members reimbursements for the November workout activity.  Please expect your qualified HealthPartners members to receive their reimbursement the first week of Jan 2019. HealthPartners asks that you do not send a special communication to those members.  This is just a notice for you, the facility, that if you get calls or inquires, that the HP member doesn't need to be concerned - just reassure them they simply need to look for their November workouts to pay out the first week of Jan 2019. 

2.        BCBS of Minnesota (BCBSMN) ~ The $20 BCBSMN Blueprint for Health Fitness Discount program is not discontinuing in 2019 - however some employer groups will be moving to a new Fitness Incentive Step-based program, but certainly not all the groups. Groups that move over to the step-based program will not be eligible for the  $20 Fitness Discount Program.  Those groups that do not move to the step-based program will continue to be eligible for the $20 p/mo fitness reimbursement program as usual. 

3.        BCBS of North Dakota (BCBSND) ~  Starting January 1, 2019, BCBSND Health Club Credit program will be a 9-month points program, from January-September months only.  BCBSND will no longer be offering a $20 reimbursement program each month - instead, eligible BCBSND members will receive points (that will be equivalent to $27 p/mo) for working out 12 times a month at your facility.  Yes, BCBSND member's will still be required to workout at NIHCA participating facilities in order to receive their points.  
Also, November & December '18 workouts will be delayed due to taxation purposes and rewarded at the end of January 2019 as points, not as $20 reimbursements.  Lastly, YES, BCBSND will require each eligible member to complete a 2019 Authorization.

4.        Northern Plains Insurance Pool (NPIP) ~ NPIP became a new partner of NIHCA's in the fall.  NPIP encompasses 58 school districts in the state of SD where the employee receives $20 p/mo for working out 8 times per month.  If you are in the state of SD and want more information on this, please ask NIHCA.

5.        South Country Health Alliance (SCHA) ~ SCHA is discontinuing the BeFit program only.  The BeActive program will still be offered through SCHA, whereas the paid member doesn't have a workout requirement and SCHA will still pay up to $20 p/mo per eligible member.  If you are informed of a BeFit member who is no longer eligible, you may "Expire" them in NIHCArewards, under Member Status, AFTER 2/1/19.

6.        Avera and Bind are the two new reimbursement programs rolling out on 1/1/19.  Avera members will need to workout eight (8) p/mo to receive an up to $20 reimbursement p/mo.  Bind will roll out with the Medtronic group in the states MN, FL and CO.  For those Medtronic folks that chose Bind as their provider, Bind will reward up to $20 p/mo for those Medtronic folks that workout 12 times per month.

Customer Service Quote of the Month:  

"Don't compete in price wars, compete in experience wars."  
~ John R. DiJulius III"
NEW:   NIHCA is coming out with a great new contest for YOU to promote what you are doing within your club!
Spotlight is intended to create a buzz within the club's customer base while asking our clubs what kinds of things they have going on around their club that are fun, different, exciting and motivating for your members. This is a way to put the spotlight on YOU, our wonderful clubs, and give you more attention that you can pass along to your members on your own social media outlets, newsletters, email blasts, etc.

Spotlight Contest Rules:

*  $100 will be awarded to the NIHCA club with the best email/video/picture and/or article of the featured spotlight.
*  Entries need to be emailed to service@nihca.org by each due date.  NIHCA will judge all entries and award the winning facility with $100!    
Perks for your facility:
NIHCA will post the Contest Club Winner on Facebook, as well as being included in the next month's NIHCA newsletter, featured on our NIHCA website for a month, and NIHCA will blog an article about your facility... Not to mention full bragging rights and an opportunity for all your members (and non members) to see how great your facility is!
January will kick off our first ever  SPOTLIGHT ... 
The January Contest: 
What kinds of incentives/programs you are running as part of your New Year's Resolutions!  
Please send us your pic/video/promotion for the New Year Contest by January 15th to be entered into the contest. We will announce the winner in the newsletter in February!
If you have questions, please contact service@nihca.org or call NIHCA at 320.722.0084 and ask for Emily.   Good Luck Contestants!

NIHCArewards Reminder:   FINAL NOTICE 

As we bring in the New Year, it is very important to check if you have members that have not received their reimbursement money. This can happen when members change bank accounts or have invalid bank accounts. Please take a look under Reports:
- select Reimbursement History Report
- select the months: Jan - Nov 2018 as the Month/Year (click on each month)
- choose Reimburse to Account and select NONE
- select View.
This will pull a report of members who have funds waiting for them from this past year of 2018 with the exception of the status invalid banking members. You will need to go to your members tab using your filters on the top, select the member status to Invalid Banking. Please do your best to contact that current or old member, and update their banking information in NIHCArewards. Once the banking is updated, the funds will process within 10 business days automatically. Please call NIHCA if you need assistance with this.

Preferred Vendor Guide

The Preferred Vendor Guide is ready!   Please reach out to NIHCA's Preferred Vendors to obtain  products and services at a discounted price - simply because you are a NIHCA facility. 

NIHCA's goal is to offer cooperative buying power for you, our fitness centers, nationwide. From fitness equipment to pool supplies, NIHCA will continue to build our Preferred Vendor list so your facility can reap the benefits of a discount while helping your bottom line! 

View the newest version of our Preferred Vendor Guide:   CLICK HERE

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