Vol. 2, Issue 4, February 22, 2018
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This week we invite you to complete our poll to share your concerns around mental health in your workplace.
Mental health in the workplace
One of the issues identified by employers and service providers in WPH's recent Labour Market Plan was the prevalence of mental health concerns in the workplace. This year WPH will be taking action on mental health in the workplace and would like you to complete the poll below to help guide our work.
As an employer I would like to know more about...
Identifying mental health issues in my employees
How to provide reasonable accommodation for mental health
How I can support a stigma free approach to mental health in my workplace
Why mental health in the workplace matters

Statistics and relevant research data support the business case for addressing workplace mental health.

Management approaches can impact mental health.

  • 4 in 5 managers/supervisors believe it is part of their job to intervene with an employee who is showing signs of depression (Ipsos Reid, 2012).
  • Only 1 in 3 managers/supervisors reported having training to intervene with employees who are showing signs of depression, but 55% of managers and supervisors reported having intervened (Ipsos Reid, 2012).

Why are there long term job vacancies in Canada?
A recent Statistics Canada report uses data from the Job Vacancy and Wage Survey to look at long-term job vacancies, which are positions for which recruitment efforts had been ongoing for 90 days or more. In 2016, long-term job vacancies represented 9% of Canada's 377,500 job vacancies.

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