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Lancet just published The 2023 Lancet Series on Breastfeeding, a 3 part series of articles highlighting the strategies used by commercial milk formula (CMF) manufacturers to target not just parents, but policymakers, government agencies, and healthcare professionals. The video below is well worth the 20 minutes it takes to watch.

"marketing is much more extensive and sophisticated and powerful than just adverts or the messages on formula packaging...a commercial system of influence [that] undermines not only breastfeeding, but also child and maternal health and human rights."

$55 billion a year- how can we fight the Marketing Machine?

  1. Watch the video
  2. Read the report
  3. Consider how you can support radical transformation to build resilience for breastfeeding.
Download (and share) the Infographic

Sonoma County is Proud to sign on: to sign:

The Sonoma County Department of Health Services was among 300 national, state and local organizations to sign on to the Welcome Congress Letter outlining five top priority policies and calling on Congress to take action to advance these priorities to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding:

  • Federal funding for breastfeeding
  • Infant nutrition security
  • Access to lactation support & supplies
  • Workplace protections
  • Maternity care

How the New Pump Act Benefits Californians:

Under the new PUMP Act, employees in all states are now allowed to sue their employers for lack of compliance — even if they haven’t filed a complaint with the Department of Labor! 

A lawsuit can be filed right away in the following circumstances: 

·    For violations of the break time requirement.

·    If the employer has indicated it has no intention of providing private space for pumping.

·    If an employee has been fired for requesting break time or space.


For more information review the US Breastfeeding Committee explainer article

Resources for Breast/chestfeeding support:

Supporting clients' goals

Click the photo or the link above for dozens of resources including supportive videos and resources for supporting breastfeeding rights.

Medi-Cal Now Covers Donor Breast Milk


Pasteurized Donor Breast Milk is now covered by Medi-Cal with a medical provider's order for many reasons, including low milk supply! 

Learn more:

Contact the Mothers' Milk Bank at 408-638-2822 email

Data: State Breastfeeding Reports

Each report describes how breastfeeding rates in the state/territory and other measures compare to national levels, lists the coalitions serving communities in the state, and highlights state and community-based lactation projects made possible through federal funding in 2021 and 2022.

Click below for California:

California Reports

The MotherToBaby Podcast:

LactRx App: Medications in Breastfeeding

free new app providing current information on the use of medications, vaccines, diagnostic agents & drugs of misuse during breastfeeding. The LactRx app provides easy access to the LactMed database, a resource from the National Library of Medicine.

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