17 Oct 2020
Travel to Africa is Pole Pole*
Are we there yet? How much longer?
Every parent has heard that question umpteen times, and now we know the feeling – right?
We’re not used to being grounded for such a long time, with nothing to look forward to.

Here's some good news! At last we can start thinking about that dream safari to Africa again.
Audacious? Perhaps – but here are 5 facts to support my bold statement:

1. Many African nations have reopened their borders and are slowly resuming international tourism.

Earlier this year most African countries implemented very strict measures to contain the spread of the virus, with many going into complete lockdown for months. That meant nobody in and nobody out - and it paid off. Now that case numbers are relatively low across the continent, many nations have already reopened, while others are making plans to reopen responsibly.

*Slowly slowy Africa is welcoming international travellers again:
  • EGYPT OPEN – with Negative PCR test
  • ETHIOPIA OPEN – with Negative PCR test
  • KENYA OPEN - with Negative PCR test
  • MALDIVES OPEN - with Negative PCR test
  • MOROCCO OPEN to travellers from approved countries with a Negative PCR test
  • NAMIBIA OPEN - with Negative PCR test
  • RWANDA OPEN - with Negative PCR test
  • SEYCHELLES OPEN to approved countries with a Negative PCR test
  • SOUTH AFRICA OPEN to approved countries with a Negative PCR test
  • TANZANIA OPEN - No covid-19 test required for entry
  • UGANDA OPEN - with Negative PCR test
  • ZAMBIA OPEN - with Negative PCR test
  • ZANZIBAR OPEN - No covid-19 test required for entry
  • ZIMBABWE OPEN - with Negative PCR test
2. During the past 6 months all of our hand-selected partners in Africa have implemented strict procedures to keep you safe on safari, starting with C-19 protocols on charter aircraft and in safari vehicles to rigorous health regimes at hotels, lodges and camps.
These have all been practiced and fine-tuned as their doors have been open to domestic travellers for a while already.
3. Adding to that there is a very slim chance of contracting the virus while on international flights. According to IATA (International Air Transportation Association) there is a 1 in 27 million chance of infection. Their stats show that of the 1.2 billion passengers who travelled since the beginning of 2020 worldwide, there were only 44 reported cased of inflight transmission.

4 & 5. Together with the new Covid-19 Travel Insurance Plan and the relaxed booking and deposit requirements, now may just be the best time to start planning your safari for next year, or even for 2022.
We've got a handle on travel to Africa

We've got the stuff that money can't buy. Decades of sending people to Africa; rewarding partner relationships on the ground; encyclopedic knowledge... All of the ingredients that mean we can offer you peace of mind - and that's priceless.

We're devilish about details
We will curate every aspect of your time in Africa, from touchdown to homeward bound - and there's not a detail that passes our notice without being double-checked.
In short, my team and I are in the business of putting together trips that make for a lifetime of memories, and we take pride in taking care, every step of the way.

While many people are still hesitant about travelling, which I do understand, this family decided to be real pioneers and experience the situation in Tanzania in person.
"We had a fantastic time with the four of us and so glad that we went ahead with our plans. We came to a different world far away from all the Corona malaise. Since we hardly saw anyone in the parks, this felt like real pioneering and made it a once in a lifetime experience. If you have the chance to go in that direction soon, our advice is: GO!" 
Not a moment to soon

As new enquiries are starting to come in, the best safari camps are beginning to get booked. So I encourage you to pick up the phone or drop me a line.

I’d be very happy to answer all your questions and perhaps even put together an itinerary for you.

Yours in Travel,

Christine Boecker
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