Hope All Around
Navigating Our New Reality
During this unprecedented time, we have been heartened by the signs of hope all around us.  And we are not alone. To learn how Stephen Curry, Marie Condo (spoiler alert – she references decluttering) and the Dalai Lama among others remain hopeful, click here to read FINDING HOPE The TIME 100 community on navigating our new reality, a series of shorts.
COVID, Back to school, and Remote Challenges
Back to school time is upon us. Remote learning presents unique challenges for immigrant parents and those of limited income. According to the DuPage County COVID-19 Community Assessment Update published June 2020, resources available to support remote learning are varied, with some DuPage County schools providing laptops to students and others providing printed packets of material. The situation is further complicated by widespread linguistic isolation, or when all members of a household aged 14 years+ have difficulty speaking English. Seven census tracts are reporting that at least 15% of DuPage households struggle with language barriers. Click here to read the full report. 

Not surprisingly, the report also states that children with less access to resources (broadband internet, computers/tablets, technology expertise, language barriers, etc.) are most at-risk for suffering learning loss during a protracted period of school closure. To address this challenge, DuPage County Board recently approved $1.5 million to provide low-income students with internet service. Click here to read the press release.  
Special Enrollment Period
There is a new special enrollment period for ACA Health Coverage brought about by a FEMA designation. In simplest terms, if someone experienced a job loss or other major life event since January 1st and if they are uninsured, they can apply for subsidized ACA Marketplace Coverage, even if that job loss was more than the normal 60 days window. Click here to review the fact sheet.

If you can share this news, please consider posting the fact sheet on your organization’s social media or other communications tools to spread the word. 

If individuals can enroll in ACA coverage with subsidy, DHC’s Silver Access program is open for new enrollment, and we may be able to offer assistance above and beyond that which is provided through healthcare.gov. Click here for Silver Access information and application. 
Talk About Hopeful
When we initiated the community mask drive we did not envision the breadth of support or need. From the Tri-Town Y Children’s Mask Drive to facilitating a need for WeGo Together for Kids, we have been overwhelmed with the response to the project. 

Want to participate? To learn how to donate (we have a great need for pediatric masks) or to request masks click here.