Newsletter - November 2016 Edition
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6 Social Security changes coming in 2017
Social Security beneficiaries will receive a slight increase in their Social Security checks in 2017. There have also been several recent tweaks to the program that change how married couples can collect benefits.

Here's a look at the new Social Security rules for 2017Continue

A Note from the
Accounting Sleuth
The Destruction of Wealth:
The True Cost of Corporate Taxation
Corporate taxation destroys wealth. As most Americans have some exposure to equities, we are robbing ourselves when we tax these engines of wealth, jobs, innovation and progress.  Read More

Large IRAs are in fact poor retirement vehicles
To most people, being debt free means having no more home mortgage, having no credit card debt and not owing any money to anyone. But if you have a large IRA or other tax-deferred retirement accounts, you have a looming debt to the IRS.

As that IRA grows so does that debt, just like an unpaid credit card, compounding as the account value increases. If you want guarantees, growth, control, safety, access, liquidity and low taxes then here's how to do all of that.  Read More
SEC Office of Investor Education and Advocacy
How fees and expenses affect your investment portfolio
As with anything you buy, there are fees and costs associated with investment products and services.  These fees may seem small, but over time they can have a major impact on your investment portfolio. 

The Securities and Exchange Commission addresses concerns and answers the questions:

How do I know what I'm being charged?

How do ongoing fees affect your investment portfolio?
What can I do if I think my fees are too high?

Rick Alford, CRP, CEO
Retirement Solutions