Are You Ready to Look 
Behind the Curtain?

Step #1:
The Mandela Effect  

The first step in this REVELATION is to experience the Mandela Effect. It is important that you give yourself the opportunity to have this awakening before you go to step #2. Many people are still "natives" to this experience so once you see behind the curtain, you may want to share your excitement with others and forward this newsletter as a gift from you.  

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Step #2:
The Explanation  

As you awaken, like Dorothy, from your deep slumber in the poppy fields, you continue your journey to a place beyond the rainbow. 

The Mandela Effect may have originally been named after revelations that people had about Mandela's death, but as time goes on and more and more is revealed to you, it will become more accurate to call this the SOPHIA EFFECT.
The Effect, hereafter known as the Sophia Effect, are incongruences in the fabric of space and the flow of time that create strange happenstances.  There are many names give for this effect: exiting the matrix, space-time anomalies, parallel universes, time travel, the Butterfly Effect, warps in the continuum, quantum leaps, atomic particle doorways, concurrency buggiroos, transcendence, the Satya Yuga, awareness wormholes, collective unconscious perception rewriting, etc.
With the Sophia Effect, the veil of Isis-Sophia begins to be lifted. It is an "unveiling" of the fifth dimension through consciousness doorways or stargate thresholds, or as our friends at Cosmic Convergence Research Group proclaim, "The Mothership has arrived."
The illuminating message can happen in the ordinary and mundane. Just a simple vowel (e to an a in a favorite children's book) has been changed, but the "revelation" to the beholder has totally changed his world view in some cases.  A transformation of the neural pathways happens in an instant.  Consciousness transcends time and subsequently that change can manipulate space.  


Step #3:
The Revelation  

The Mandelbrot set offers an example of this type of mirror we experience with the Sophia Effect.  In the center of each Mandelbrot is a Buddha-like figure which replicates itself as we zoom in and out of the Mandelbrot landscape.  Could this be the very mirror of who we are: the Bodhisattva that ascends into Buddhahood in each of us?  To reach the transcendent, we need only travel as far as our own heart.

Who are the Maitreya Buddha and Kalki Avatar and how are they related to Mary Sophia, Queen of Heaven?  CLICK HERE for article

Who Is Sophia?
    Is She the Holy Spirit or the wisdom aspect of Christ?

     Is She an amorphous primal soup, a duality of heavenly and earthly, the breath that weaves in between the Male Trinity?

   Is She a group of syzygies that have united with the Male Trinity? 

    Even after Rudolf Steiner's indications on Isis, Isis-Sophia, and Anthroposophia, we find many anthroposophical writers expressing completely different opinions of who this multifaceted being is.  Rudolf Steiner said repeatedly that a detailed biography of the being of Isis-Sophia-Theosophia-Philosophia-Natura-Anthroposophia could be written, yet it would seem, at first glance, that he said little about Her.  

   In his book, Riddles of Philosophy, Steiner describes the evolution of philosophy and indicates that She is a being who has grown alongside of human intellectual and spiritual development since 2100 BC.  He even describes Anthroposophia as a 42 year old human being (without a physical body) who passes through the individual each time a step in spiritual development is taken. 

    Steiner said that She was 'in the room' during the laying of the foundation stone of the Goetheanum and the Christmas Conference. Who is this being of Sophia and how is a spiritual scientist supposed to sort through the many and varied opinions about her existence? Can we uncover Steiner's mysterious indications, and find the biography of Sophia?

Now that you have looked behind the curtain, you may want to re-visit some of our newsletters to see what else lies beyond ordinary perception. 

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