"I think a lot of times we wait until all our ducks are in a row, until we know exactly what this is going to be or the next thing is going to be. I think that can paralyze you from actually doing what you really want to be doing. Go, do it, try it. What's the worst that can happen? " -- Coy Trammel
Serving more than doughnuts and coffee

Bristol Doughnut Co . owners Coy and Sara Trammel say their goal is to elevate the typical mass produced doughnut into a "classy and handcrafted" delight. How do you do this in a town that's already, according to Coy, "a great doughnut scene" ?

Their approach is to use a fresh brioche dough that is ultimately filled and topped with innovative flavors like tiramisu and chile lime. The result is a sophisticated take on an old fashioned cake doughnut, made fresh seven days a week. "Doughnuts make people happy. We like to make people happy," said Coy.

Why Doughnuts and Coffee?
The Trammels are Albuquerque natives but lived in Montana for 10 years. To their dismay, it was difficult to find a really good doughnut. Fortunately, Coy's work as a pastor took them on many trips around the U.S. where they sampled doughnuts and coffee wherever they went. When they returned to the Land of Enchantment and started brainstorming business ideas that would enable them to serve others, it was a natural progression to think of doughnuts and coffee. Coy added, "It's something we are passionate about, and it's an easy way to serve people."

Do I have a viable product? Do people want it?
Bristol Doughnut Co.'s main location -- inside Spur Line Supply Co. (Sawmill District) -- is rooted in an important piece of advice from their SCORE Albuquerque mentors, Kent Paul and Hal Morgan.
In addition to SCORE, Bristol Doughnut Co. partners with the South Valley Economic Development Center (SVEDC) . In fact, the Trammels make their doughnuts every morning at SVEDC. "They do a great job incubating businesses. They've helped us a tremendous amount," said Coy.

Bristol Doughnuts are also carried at Little Bear Coffee (Uptown) and Deep Space Coffee (Downtown) .

Coy and Sara are proud that the business is actually up and running, and that it's something the family can do. They have four children and actually got pregnant right when they were thinking about launching the business. "It was definitely a gut check," Coy recalled.

They also are excited that people enjoy the product so much. It's a thrill when they read a review from someone who says it's the best doughnut they've ever had. Trammel continued, "Every day you're up at 3am [making doughnuts] and you hope people like what you are doing. For people to have accepted them so much and to be so thrilled about what we are doing, it's definitely a success story for us."

Next Steps
They hope to move into their own retail space with an onsite kitchen, and to get their food truck operational. The food truck is unique: it's actually a 1960 Bristol double decker bus that they own and are renovating to include kitchen space downstairs and cafe seating upstairs. The bus will be available for special events or to park someplace for the day.

What Keeps You Up at Night
Coy says it might be taxes one night, product the next. Lately, though, he stresses about the next steps because Bristol Doughnut Co. is a growing business. " How do you harness the momentum without acting too quickly or too slowly?" he added.
SCORE sends a big shout out to Spur Line Supply Co. for
for providing our filming location!
Doughnut photo courtesy of Bristol Doughnut Co.

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