Dare to Dream with L’BRI!

So many of you joined us for our Facebook LIVE event last night for a very special message from Laurie Langill with special guest, Erin Husnick. We hope you were inspired to share your dreams and invited others to Dare to Dream with L’BRI!

Be sure to share the replay, by visiting our L’BRI page on Facebook , or follow this link .

Exciting announcement about Virtual Consultants!
You let us know that you’ve heard from even MORE people who would like to give L’BRI a try as a Virtual Consultant. We are excited to announce that we are re-opening this special opportunity for 2 weeks through May 17 - AND you can add up to FIVE MORE Virtual Consultants! The number of Consultants who join with Starter Kits is unlimited, so let EVERYBODY know that this is THE TIME to get started with L’BRI.

With so many benefits as a L’BRI Consultant, working from home is just the beginning! 

Share the dream!