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Did you know?

  • Students who exercise have higher academic performance
  • Exercising regularly lowers your chance of premature death by 30%
  • Physical activity improves sleep


We take pride in our young athletes and their accomplishments, showcasing not only their sports performance, but also their all-around hard work & positivity. Our Athlete of the Month is a true example of athleticism, teamwork, success, confidence, and personality. Keep up the amazing work, athletes!
Sara Chrnelich
Avi Agarwal
Jaykob Shin

Meet our Staff!

Evan Orchinik B.S. CSCS -
Exercise Physiologist,
Owner of PEAC Performance
Evan has been in the sports performance and fitness training field for over 20 years. He played college basketball and volleyball while earning a kinesiology degree from West Chester University. Whether it be working with individuals looking to take their fitness to the next level, honing skills for professional NFL, MLB, NHL players already making it at the highest level, or grooming the middle school, high school, college players for future achievements, Evan lets every athlete know they are truly valued. While specializing in speed, power and agility for athletes, he also increases functional fitness levels and overall body strength, as well as improving body composition and cardiovascular endurance with his fitness clientele. Evan is truly passionate and thankful for the opportunity to not only increase someone’s athleticism and health, but to have a positive impact in their lives as a whole.

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