January 2020
Among the mountain of blankets I need to adequately bury myself under to keep warm; the thought of curling up with a good book and hot drink sounds, well... wonderful. But instead, I find myself trying to bundle up and squeeze into multiple layers of clothing and pulling those wintry boots out of the closet, I have been longing to wear for this exact occasion. Every girl needs an occasion for footwear, right? However, my glee was quickly diminished after realizing that while buttoning up my coat, it no longer fits because of the three layers of clothing I have under it. In lieu of buttoning my ill-fitting coat, I throw on a scarf to mask the obvious gape. Now to warm up the car. Where are my gloves?
If I could just get a latte.
At this point, I am certain I have frostbite as I start my journey to work, in the reported blustery wintry mix, which has turned my car into a freezer box. Luckily my derriere is nice and toasty in my seat warmer while the rest of my appendages remain frozen. By the time I reach the office, I've turned into a sweaty mess like a yeti in the tropics. Is this what bundling up is all about? This is not at all how I pictured my "Cute Office Looks for Winter" from Pinterest.
As I walk across the office, my coworkers are subjected to my squeaky boots with my hair nearly sticking to the light fixtures from static electricity after removing my scarf and hat. Did I mention that I forgot my latte?
In order to remain somewhat sane, I squeak my way to the break room for a cup of Joe only to find an empty pot. Again...this is not at all how I imagined my Thursday morning, yet here it is, with a million things to do. If I could just give someone a list of all the things I need done, bundle it all together have it delivered to me in a nice neat little package (with a latte) that would be great!

That's where we come in to save the day. Richmond Monroe provides a vast amount of services that will complete all or any part of your process. Think of us as your own personal assistant to guide your way when you need it most. Often our clients will utilize our highly trained team just for this purpose.
Our clients say it best, "When we can't handle it 
we just send it to Richmond Monroe!"
Collateral files need a review? Need to locate that missing document? Missing an assignment? Maybe you just need us to record your documents for you. That's what we are here for. Not only do we handle the big stuff but all of the little stuff in between in a nice neat little customized bundled package! Maybe now you have time to grab that latte. Are you all bundled up?


Document Preparation
Lien Releases
Endorsements and More!

Document Retrieval
Lien Position Search
Title Policy Retrieval
Nationwide Services

Document Recording
eRecording Services
Corrective Recording Services
Nationwide Recording

Document Tracking
Recorded Documents
Post Closing Documents
Foreclosure Documents

Collateral File Review
Pre-Purchase Due Diligence
Assignment Chain Audit
Exception Reporting

Lender Tracing Services
Investigative Signer Search
Document Tracking
Exception Reporting

Imaging Services
Imaging and Indexing
Secure Digital Storage
24/7 Website Access

Vault Services
Secure Record Storage
Check In/Out Access
Offsite Vault Storage

Including Commercial Services

Financial Statement 

Commercial Insurance Policy

Our eRecording network now covers more than 2000 counties across the nation. We're constantly adding more counties to our list. These are the latest counties now e-recording with RMG: 

The latest eRecording counties:
Alabama - Clarke County
Maine - Piscataquis County
South Carolina - Calhoun County
Tennessee - Blount County
Texas - Grimes County
Wyoming - Big Horn County

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