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For our first home care event we were able to collect some really exciting presentations. Until March 25, 2021 there may still be some changes, but here you can already get a small excerpt from our programme.
Sustainable cellulosics for hand sanitizers
It is estimated that 79% of consumers strongly agree or tend to agree that they will seek out products that are healthier and better for the environment. Using hand sanitizers that kill germs on hands when soap and water are not available is an important step in maintaining good health.  And, the choice of ingredients in hand sanitizers is important for the planet.. Although synthetic rheology modifiers have been traditionally used, cellulose rheology modifiers are becoming more popular as they are derived from natural and renewable ingredients. This presentation will examine the cellulose rheology modifier options available to formulators to create sustainable, efficacious and alluring hydroalcoholic and aqueous hand sanitizers. Foams, sprays and gel formats will be discussed.

by Eric-Jan De Feij, Senior Staff Scientist R&D at Ashland LLC
Nutrinova® Sorbates BFX: Eco-friendly preservatives for home care detergent applications
Potassium sorbate is a preservative with a long history of safe use in food, personal care and pharmaceutical products. With Celanese's Nutrinova® Potassium Sorbate BFX Granules, potassium sorbate is now also available as a preservative for home care formulations. It is suitable for a wide range of detergent formulations, effective against bacteria and fungi, and non-skin sensitizing. Join us to learn more on how to best formulate with this Ecolabel compliant preservative.

by Sylvia Nefkens, Technical Market Specialist Home and Personal Care at Celanese Europe B.V.
Hygienic cleaning in seconds
The mindset of consumers is changing with increasing awareness about the environment and leading healthier lifestyles.
Consumers show a clear preference for eco-friendly and green products, which are made using natural substances.
Next to that they do not want to trade off on antimicrobial and cleaning efficacy they are used to.
During this presentation some examples will be given how fast and hygienic cleaning is easily in reach with sustainable ingredients.

by Esther Lansdaal, Sr. Specialist at Corbion
Breaking up isn’t hard to do: biodegradable preservation & sustainable formulations
by Jonathan Rabiei, Business Development Manager, Emerald Kalama Chemical
TEGOTENS® SD 100 RM - the sustainable cleaning booster
Producers of cleaning products and consumers are more and more seeking for safe and non-toxic ingredients which are sustainable and as much as possible based on natural ingredients.  Our cleaning booster TEGOTENS SD 100 RM is 100 % based on renewable sources which a partly coming from local feedstock.
It shows remarkable wetting, dirt penetrating, emulsifying and dispersing properties and delivers best in class cleaning results.
TEGOTENS SD 100 RM is suitable for any type of ecolabel formulations and it is ECOCERT certified.

by Michael Fender, Technical Service Manager EMEA | PL Cleaning Solutions | Care SolutionsEvonik Industries AG
Zinc ricinoleate-based odor neutralizers
Zinc ricinoleate-based products are naturally renewable odor neutralizers that trap and absorb odors, not antimicrobials or chemical odor masking agents.
Our odor neutralizers are complex zinc salts of purified and naturally renewable ingredients, in application optimized formulations.

by Daniel Neubner, Sales Director at Harke Chemicals GmbH
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