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Summer is coming, we can tell! The plants in front of Buddings are growing like crazy, and since for the month of June, we're exploring what it means to grow up, it's perfectly fitting! The kids are doing a great job watering them and taking care. What big kids...


We're more than half-way through our 8am trial, and while the sunshine every day has made the early wake up time easier, the interest hasn't been overwhelming. 


Our little daycare family is growing too, and we want to thank Josie and Gabe this month for referring so many of their friends! Did you know that we have a referral bonus system? 


So it's the first issue of our now-weekly newsletter, and we're trying to keep it short. Find the news below! 


In this newsletter...

8am Opening Experiment - June 3 - 7
Buddings Bikers come in 30th!
Business of Impact Video
From the Blog
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Should Buddings Open at 8am?


The vote for an 8am opening time is on, but the interest so far has been pretty mild. We had a lot of email response, but not much in the way of hours booked. Are you interested in an earlier start? Now's your chance to let us know! 

There are still two days left, and as much as we love the mellow mornings, we're looking for feedback. Bring in your kids! We're all rested up, and we've got Amanda on call in case we need reinforcements, but for one or two kids a day, it doesn't seem necessary. 

Want to swing the vote? LOG IN now and book yourself a morning off this week!

A New Record for the Buddings Bikers!


Our Bike to Work Week had a forecast for 5 days of rain, and with Lawrence's bike in the shop for most of the week, it wasn't looking optimistic. 

Luckily, our newest team member Martha came to the rescue with her 12 trips, riding over 130km in one week! Huge thanks to her and Takako for adding their miles to our total! 

Out of 242 participating teams from companies of 1 - 10 employees, Buddings came in 30th for distance and 13th for the most trips! That's a new record for us! 

We promised to do a draw for 10 hours, and the prize goes to Takako. Congrats! Martha, for contributions above and beyond expectation, we're going to give you 10 hours, too. Thank you both for making us look so good!
Business of Impact Video Features Buddings!

Our video challenge is running until the end of June, but we really want to hit 1,000 views before then! We know you're helping to share it around, because it went from 600 to almost 800 in just one week. Thank you! Only 200 more views to go!
You can post it on Facebook, or Twitter, or just share it to your friends via email. Do you know anyone who could benefit from flexible care for toddlers or preschoolers? Of course you do! Help us help them!

And don't forget, when your friends apply to Buddings, you get a 3 hour bonus! Share widely!
Vancity Stories of Impact - Budding Children's Garden and Daycare

From the Blog: Superheros are Super Friends!

Welcome to our newest feature, From the Blog, where we'll share highlights of the blogs, Facebook contests, and other short features. This week, it's over to Johanna and the Bloom kids, with a valuable lesson about turning kids' interests in super heros towards being super productive, positive friends.

It's not easy, and Johanna had to put on her thinking cap... and cape, to get herself out of this one. 

Find all her blog posts from this season on her Projects Page.

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