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May, 2015

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Are you aware of what Wagner Holistic Center has to offer?


Once a year it seems important to refresh all my patients of what is available in our clinic.  Most of you will say "wow, I didn't know that". I am giving you a list so that something here may elicit a need you have for something or a symptom that you have allowed to go on, thinking there is nothing to do for it.  Here we go:


1. Multiple techniques of chiropractic care,          postural evaluation and corrections.


2. Three different traction machines for reducing spinal disc compression.


3. Cold laser for chronic pain and inflammatory conditions.

4. Two separate types of treatment for fat and cellulite reduction, one mechanical and the other light therapy


5. The ARP, the most sophisticated electrical stim machine that

repairs injuries more quickly than any other device


6. Three different state of the art electrodermal biofeedback devices for determining detoxification, homeopathic and nutritional needs.


7. A full natural remedy store, including remedies for nearly every type of condition or symptom.


8. The most advanced acupuncture technique by probably the greatest Chi Gong and Tai Chi master in the country.

9. Halo, an advanced light therapy for nearly any condition, including pain, infections, and neurological disorders.

10. Post concussion therapy.  We have developed the testing and treatment protocols for PCS.


11. Massage therapy, including crystal and essential oil massages.


12. Computer laser analysis for the need for orthotics and the corrections necessary for the lab to make them.


13. NET technique, an advanced system of localizing and clearing past stresses in the body in order to bring about greater harmony between the body, emotions and mind.


14. Blood chemistry evaluations not based on a disease model, but based on physiological parameters that represent true health.


15. Biofeedback testing for food and environmental intolerances.


16. Analysis and corrections for postural distortions and scoliosis.


I may have forgotten some, but you get the idea.  We are full service natural alternative health care center.  If you have an interest in any of these, then you are probably in need of it, or let us test you for what you need.


Nobody does it better than Wagner Holistic Center.


Dr. Edward D. Wagner DC
Wagner Holistic Center
Our office is always equipped with the latest technology as well as the most current holistic health information available so we can keep providing you with the best service available. Come in and see how we can improve your well being.
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