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Issue No. 12 August 8, 2011


Someone once said, "One is not paid for having brains, but for using them."

Unfortunately, many workers in companies today find that their brainpower is seriously underused.

When I taught MBA students at The University of Chicago, Booth School of Business I would ask my class, "How many of you think your brain was fully utilized at your last job?" Out of 40 students, typically one or two would raise their hands. Since Booth's students are among the best and brightest in the world, this is very sad.

In what ways are you unintentionally signaling to your employees to leave their brainpower at the door? This month's newsletter explores how companies undermine the return on their most important asset, people!

To learn more about how to maximize the return on your team's brainpower, attend our upcoming course, "Leading Through Uncertainty." You'll find more information below.

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Getting Return on Brainpower

Watch Tom Mendoza discuss the importance of using employees' brainpower.

Are you compelling employees to leave their brains at the door?

It's astounding how many smart, well-educated, well-paid people are underutilized by their employers. The most costly line in any corporate budget is human capital, and yet many companies don't get maximum return on that investment.

There are a variety of reasons why companies underutilize their people, but the most pervasive is that senior leaders, whether intentionally or not, send the message to employees that their input is not valued. If people receive that message enough times, they shut down completely, and the company squanders their brainpower. Read on to learn why.


Leading Through Uncertainty

The global economy is just beginning to emerge from the longest and deepest recession since the Great Depression. Since 2008, the Center for High Performance has seen evidence that hard times are a fertile breeding ground for fear-based behavior. We have often seen leaders obsess about what they have to lose, rather than thinking rationally about what steps they need to take to win.

It is time for senior leaders to get past fear-based, emotionally driven behavior and focus on the proven factors that accelerate high performance, even in times of uncertainty: valuing people, optimizing critical thinking and seizing opportunities. It is time for executives to move beyond short-term thinking and concentrate on achieving long-term results.

Leading Through Uncertainty helps leaders confront harsh realities, adapt quickly to change and seize opportunities in the face of ambiguity.

Date: February 16, 2012

Location: Fortnightly Club, Chicago, IL

Early-bird Price: $825/attendee

Click here to visit our event page to obtain more information and register for the course.

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