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December 2019
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Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program
Are You Compliant?
Is your business located in the Bay Area? Do you have 50 or more employees? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then you need to make sure that your registration hasn't lapsed! 😢

We are doing a year-end push to register or renew certifications for the 511 Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program. This is a state law that mandates a commuter benefits program for employers with 50 or more employees in the nine counties of the Bay Area. The law requires your company to renew its registration every year.

Didn't know about this program or the requirement to renew your registration? Well, now you do! Don't worry, is here to help make San Mateo County the most compliant county in the region. And you have options to offer your staff (four to be exact): pre-tax benefits, subsidy, employer shuttle program, or a hybrid approach. These are great benefits that help with staff retention and also keep our air cleaner and roads less congested.

Please reach out to either Cary or Rebecca on the employer outreach team. We will help you on the path to compliance!

For more info about the program, click here.
Best Workplaces for Commuters
A quick note from our friends at the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR):

Get on the List! Deadline: December 31, 2019

If you haven't completed your BWC application or renewal, please submit by December 31, 2019 to get on the 2020 List. 


New members:  Click here or on "Apply Today" below to complete the online application.

Renewing members: Email any revisions to your BWC record or note that there are no changes to:

New members and returning members will be part of a national list release of Best Workplaces for Commuters in January 2020. The release will be distributed on a national newswire and to a targeted list of transportation and TDM industry and trade publications.

Members will receive a media kit including a press release template, logo, fact sheet and approved talking points for media. Members will also receive a social media kit that they can use on their social media platforms. Kits will include messaging examples, photos, and relevant hashtags.  

Promote your organization as one of the top employers in the nation offering high level commuter benefits to their employees. More than a recognition program, the Best Workplaces for Commuters program provides the support needed to create and sustain an employer-provided commuter benefit program, including online assessment tools, advisory services, case studies, tool-kits, web-based tools, webinars and training.

Membership is $230 for 1 year or $340 for 2 years. Organizations working with a BWC partner receive a reduced rate.

Questions? Contact Program Manager, Julie Bond .

Holiday Shuttle Schedules shuttles will operate regular schedules on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. There will be no shuttle service on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day.
We encourage all shuttle riders to sign up for Text Alerts to make sure they receive the latest information on schedules and routes.

Click here for details on how to sign up.

And as always, click on Andy to find your shuttle routes and schedules.
July 5-30, 2020: A great time to telework or take vacation !

During the summer of 2020 Caltrans plans to demolish and replace the deck of U.S. 101 at Alemany Circle north of the U.S. 101 and I-280 interchange in San Francisco. The project will have approximately a one month significant impact on regional and local traffic. During construction vehicle capacity will be reduced on U.S. 101 and traffic will be detoured through Alemany off and on ramp with major delays during peak commute hours.

Motorists should plan on delays and significant traffic during peak commute hours of 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM and are highly encouraged to avoid the area or use alternate transportation . The project will reduce lane capacity from 3 lanes to 2 in the northbound direction for approximately 20 days. There will also be a reduction in speed from 50 miles per hour to 35 miles per hour as traffic is routed onto city streets at varied intervals in both southbound and northbound directions. Please drive safely!
TrafficBusters! Tip of the Month
HOV [eych-oh-vee] (noun):
  1. High-occupancy vehicle, often used in conjunction with a diamond lane
  2. Signifies that at least two people must ride together (HOV-2), sometimes 3 or more
  3. A proven disrupter of traffic
Synonyms: Carpool, Vanpool
In case you missed it...
Click on Andy for all shuttle routes and schedules
Working Together to Improve Our San Mateo County Commute
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