September 2017
Discovering that we do not put people on diets leaves people confused sometimes. After all, diet culture is black and white, all or nothing, either you are dieting or between diets, so if we are not putting people on diets, what are we possibly doing with them?

Dieting, I explain, relies upon external factors to dictate one's eating. Those factors can be a calorie recommendation, a list of foods to eat and those to avoid, an app, a meal plan, a points system, pre-portioned food, etc. In contrast, a non-diet approach entails recognizing and honoring internal eating cues and prioritizing them to guide one's eating.

The term often used for this non-diet approach is "intuitive eating," and many of our patients and readers are working to become intuitive eaters, but are they doing intuitive eating wrong? Check out this month's He Said, She Said below to find out.

He Said, She Said

Are you doing intuitive eating wrong?
The way we sometimes explain it to patients is to recall Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and discuss that in nutrition we have a similar structure. At the base, someone needs food. Period. If food security is an issue then not much else matters. At the very top is medical nutrition therapy.
The middle layer is comprised of our relationship with food: How do we decide what, when, and how much to eat? Read More
Practice News
Fat Activism Conference

Joanne will be presenting at the 2017 Fat Activism Conference, a virtual event taking place October 6-8th online and by telephone. Check out a summary of Joanne's presentation, entitled "Coexisting with Dissent: How to Practice Size Acceptance and Health at Every Size," and register for the conference.
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