Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5, NLT
Do you enjoy a good mystery? There's a television show I enjoy watching on the Discovery Channel that uncovers the mysteries behind tragic events. I watched an episode recently which chronicled the mystery of what caused the tragic plane crash of John F. Kennedy Jr., the son of one of our most beloved Presidents. The series investigated a myriad of reasons for what could have caused JFK Jr.'s plane to crash, and after exploring each hypothesis, it came to this conclusion: Cause of crash: spatial disorientation.

What is spatial disorientation: Wikipedia defines it as:

Spatial disorientation is a condition in which an aircraft pilot's perception of direction does not agree with reality. While it can be brought on by disturbances or disease within the vestibular system, it is typically a temporary condition resulting from flight into poor weather conditions with low or no visibility. Under these conditions the pilot may be deprived of an external visual horizon, which is critical to maintaining a correct sense of up and down while flying.

Did you know that spatial disorientation can not only happen to a pilot, but to a Christian? For at times, the life storms that occur in our lives may cause our sense of perception about what is happening to disagree with what we know about God. For example, we may believe God is able to calm the life storms we encounter, but our perceptions tell us to worry instead. We may believe God is able to take care of us during our life storms, but our perceptions tell us to doubt. We may believe God hears our prayers, but our perceptions tell us to stop praying when God doesn't answer as quickly as we'd like.

When your sense of perception during your life storm causes you to doubt the reality of God and his Word, determine to stay with your instrument panel.

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