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Dual Impact on Our Volunteer Team 

Through the Leadership Equipping Track, the Wellspring team is continuously growing in number and in effectiveness of engaging from the whole heart.
As you will read below, volunteer facilitators experience dual impact through their involvement with Wellspring: they are themselves transformed, and they participate in the transformation of others. They experience the ripple effect of sustained, fundamental change!

You'll see this dual impact illustrated below, as you read stories from valuable volunteers whose changed lives are affecting others.

Watching G od Multiply Your Offering  
One of the privileges I have as a Wellspring Group ministry consultant is to work with volunteers who participate in the Leadership Equipping Track. We all know how meaningful the Battle events have been for us individually; the LET gives us a chance to expand this impact exponentially by investing in the lives of others.
Some of the most powerful testimonies of growth that I hear come from leaders who continue to serve regularly at retreats. I especially love the stories of the men and women who don't feel like they have what it takes to facilitate at a retreat but choose to give back anyway. They remind me of the small boy in John 6 who gave to Jesus what little bread he had despite the number of people (5,000) whom Jesus asked the disciples to feed. Many men and women give what they have, and God shows up and multiplies it beyond their imagination! My own faith grows, and I am given courage as I witness God working in this way.
Thank you to all who participate in the Leadership Equipping Track and give back by serving as an Event Facilitator.
For anyone who has considered being a part but has hesitated for any reason, bring what you have to Jesus. You'll be amazed at how He will work through you.

Dusty Hart
Facilitator Equipping Coach

Life-giving Fellowship  
Alice Lewallen - Facilitator & Speaker, involved since 2008
I continue to give to Wellspring both financially and as a volunteer for the very simple reason that my life has never been SO positively impacted by any other ministry! Within the fellowship of Wellspring Group, I find friends who believe in me. We share common fears and desires and find that we are not alone. Using the live ammunition of our lives, we are learning together the heart and skills of engaging. Together we are becoming the men and women we're created to be.
My sister facilitators have affirmed my efforts and echoed God's voice of Validation, giving me courage to improve my skills. I feel seen and valued, wanted and loved. In short, I find great satisfaction in being part of a fellowship that not only provides good teaching but also calls me into a fuller experience of the LIFE I was created for. Together we find our desires for significance and connection met through the fellowship.
Dana Smith - Facilitator, Speaker, equipped as a key leader in a partner church, involved since 2012
One of the most impactful aspects of leadership equipping I have experienced is having the privilege to speak at Battle for Women's Hearts events. The process itself caused me to connect to my own heart in a way that I hadn't before. It allowed me to connect the threads of an amazing tapestry that God was weaving through my pain and surrender.
At the February 2014 BWH, I shared a story about loving and accepting my 18-year-old adopted daughter when her greatest secret came to light after her suicide attempt. As I neared the end of my session that Friday morning, this sentence came out of my mouth: "Though I have never physically birthed a child, I gave birth to my daughter that night." In that moment, I realized how I had judged my body as broken all those years because it had not produced life. Tears filled every eye in the room, including mine. I later found out that at least one other woman there had judged not only her body but also her marriage as broken because their union never bore genetic children.
In the months that followed, God continued to show me my unique expression as a life-giver. To bring this redemptive story full circle, in just a few short days I will have the awe-inspiring privilege of being the birthing coach for this same daughter as we welcome my grandson into the world. God has redeemed 15 years of wrong thinking (and 15 years of broken relationships) in the last 4 years. He has used Wellspring's Speaker Equipping Track in astounding ways to solidify who God created me to be.
You can read full testimonies here.

Deepening Impact 
Mike Woodham - Facilitator, Speaker, Event Administrator, and Mentor Coach, involved since 2003
Over the past 12 years I have volunteered at Wellspring events as a Battle event administrator, facilitator, speaker, and mentor coach. Each of those presented its own set of challenges. I found those challenges to be the very tools God used to deepen His work within my heart.
The changes I have experienced in this journey have given me purpose and mission far beyond anything I would have imagined for myself in earlier years. For the first time, I feel as if I am cooperating with God in His purposes for my life. He continuously invites me into new frontiers to offer back what I have been blessed to receive through Wells
pring.I have found a sense of purpose and mission that gives me deep satisfaction and joy in fulfilling my part. Participating in Wellspring's Leadership Equipping Track has offered me the ability to increase the impact I am having in the second half of my life.  
Tim Bennett - Facilitator, Speaker, and Mentor Coach, involved since 2009
Throughout my 30 year career, there have been times when I have doubted that I was having any sort of eternal impact. Many times I've considered whether I should leave corporate America and pursue some type of full time ministry. Now I'm realizing the beauty of God's timing.
Through my involvement with Wellspring Group, I have begun to realize my dream of impacting the kingdom in a very tangible way. The Leader Equipping track has laid the groundwork for allowing and empowering me to do that. Through the coaching material, the workshops, and many conversations, I've learned and refined the skills I needed to explore my heart more deeply. In turn, that has given me courage to engage the hearts of others in a way that I never would have done before and ultimately to pass along those skills to others. I am now starting to see my professional career as an opportunity to effectively impact those around me and provide the financial means to pursue the ministry to which God has called me all along, including s peaking and engaging the hearts of men on collective and individual levels.
You can read full testimonies here. 

Thank you for making it possible!

We are grateful for our financial partners. Thank you for making it possible for our staff to equip our volunteer facilitators, speakers, mentor coaches, administrators, and the leadership in our partner churches!
Monthly partners provide consistency and stability, and partners who contribute special gifts provide what we need to finish each year well.
As the image below demonstrates, you are the critical foundation of the Wellspring team.

When you invest in Wellspring Group, you are investing in a team of leaders who will equip many believers to bring overflowing transformation to the world!


Want to expand your impact?

Volunteer facilitators have a powerful impact in the lives of our participants. We are able to equip those volunteers because of the support of our financial partners.
We always welcome new team members! Please contact us about opportunities to experience dual impact, in and through you, that lasts generations.
For more information about the Leadership Equipping Track, contact Anisa Sumlar.
For more information about financial partnership, contact Abby Mandella.

Please Pray This Weekend

Please pray for the Battle for Women's Hearts event this weekend.

As you read this , approximately 100 women are gathering from around the country to more deeply enter into the Battle for their own Hearts and the Hearts of those around them.

We appreciate your covering.    

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