Special Offer!
Open Doors to Prosperity
with the power of
Meditation & Flower Essences!


Are you flourishing, thriving and living in prosperity and abundance? If the answer is no, why not?

I'm excited to team up with Deborah Werner of Earth, Wind and Flowers to offer a special healing package to help you open the doors to prosperity!

The Opening Doors to Prosperity bundle is unique. It combines the power of flower essences together with a specially created 35 minute meditation to guide you effortlessly into a space to clear limits and unlock the doors to your prosperity.

For a limited time this holiday season we are offering you this bundle for only $33* ($45 value)
*Plus shipping & handling for the flower essence

Open Doors to Prosperity Bundle Includes:

4 once bottle of Opening Doors to Prosperity Balancing Spray
($30 value + shipping & handling)

* strengthens your attractor field; opens a way where there is seemingly none * creates purposeful movement and direction * brings in and connects you to supportive people *  brings in new clients * helps you sell a home  

35 minute guided meditation mp3 download
($15 value)
* techniques for grounding & centering; provides safety and a place to let go of energy * guides you through letting of of limits * guides you to unlock doors to your prosperity * guides you to creating space for limitness possibilites
and increased abundance in your life

Are you ready to open doors to prosperity?
Imagine the possibilities and take a step
into your divine right to prosper!

*Plus shipping & handling for the flower essence

This holiday season give yourself or loved ones a gift that keeps giving!

Shine Your Light!

Details: When you purchase Opening Doors to Prosperity Bundle you will receive a link to download your meditation within 24 hours of purchase to the email provided to PayPal. Shipping for your Open Doors to Prosperity Balancing Spray takes appx 1 week.
This Offer does not apply to individual purchases.

To purchase only the prosperity spray from Earth, Wind & Flowers To purchase only the meditation from Debra Taitel~SpiritLightInsight CLICK HERE
Offer Expires: 12/31/2012

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