Leading your chapter - Are you giving it 100%?
Giving 100% means doing your best. Leading your chapter to the best of your ability will result in better outcomes.  As a leader, giving 100% all the time is a challenge, but it is a challenge that will define you as someone who values the pursuit of excellence. 
Sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of your goals. Sometimes the path looks too rough.  Sometimes the end result doesn't seem worth it any more.  Never give up!
Be a chapter leader that gives it all you've got! If you give your all and lose, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You can hold your head high that you tried your best. When you don't give it 100%, you will have nothing but regret wondering "what if I gave it my all?" .
From a Time Management Ninga blog:  Consider these reasons you aren't giving 100%:
1. Maybe you are leading from a "comfort zone". Perhaps you have become too comfortable in your leadership role. 
2. Maybe you have a bad attitude. A bad attitude can mess up your entire world.
3. Maybe you just don't care. When you stop caring, you stop perfoming.
4. Scared of failure? Is it this fear that is keeping you from giving 100%?
5. Do you have goals?  If you don't have goals, there is nothing to put 100% effort towards.
6. Have you become satisfied wit the status quo?
7. Have you lost your passion?

Who does not want to be proud of what they do?  Everyone does.  Still, we are not always proud of what we do.  Why?  Simple- we don't always give 100 percent all the time.

Be assured that the habit of giving 100% effort pays off!   
The feeling of success never gets old!