TechLife Trends
Volume 4 Issue 2     March 2020
Are You Ready to Cut the Cord?
The days of being tethered to a cable company for your home techology entertainment are ending. Bloated, unused services, higher bills and fewer options are just some of the reasons many people are choosing to cut the cord. It can seem intimidating at first, but it's really just another way of receiving the content you want. Instead of relying on a cable service to provide programming (much of which--let's admit us--we never watch), you'll use streaming services on each TV to watch programs and movies. Before you make the decision to cut, however, you'll want to examine certain factors such as your current internet service, pricing, and your flexibility. For a good introduction to cutting the cord, read more here. You'll also want to be sure you've got a robust Wi-Fi network to handle streaming content throughout your home. We can help with this, when you're ready!
Message from Scott
As we move into Spring, many families are getting ready to move into new homes as the end of the school year approaches.
Are you ready?
Many homes are automated with passwords for entry, security, Wi-Fi, automation and more. How can you be sure that the past homeowner, real estate broker or others no longer have access to your new home?
Be extra safe and enjoy peace of mind; let IDS help you check all devices, educate and guide you with the proper course of action to take. We want to help to ensure that you--and only you--have complete control over access to and use of your home. Reach out to us today to learn more!

President & Co-Principal
IDS Audio/Video & Technologies, Inc.
Smart Speaker Eavesdropping Solution
If you are worried about Alexa, Google or Siri listening--and recording--conversations, a solution may be coming soon. Two University of Chicgao computer science professors created a 'bracelet of silence' that can jam nearby microphones from listening in on the wearer's conversations. Several years ago a similar device was created that can be placed over a smart speaker, but the professors believe a device should be portable, to protect people as they move through varied environments. While only a prototype has been developed, researchers hope to manufacture it for as little as $20.
We've Got Your Answers!
Question: We're building a new home. Do we really need our builder to work with you now, during the process? Can't we just have you install and set up our networks, devices and home theater when it's all finished?
Answer : Congratulations on the new build! The benefits of having your builder work with us during the process are many. For example, there are specific times within the build process that are important for pre-wiring or installation of tech components. As your builder's dedicated AV company, we'll work with them and their timelines--all with your best interests in mind. We'll also keep your builder current on latest trends and solutions in home technology. It can be challenging for builders to stay current about an aspect of the job that isn't their primary focus. By having them work with us, you can rest assured that you'll be enjoying the latest and greatest technology available. We'll work with your builder to guarantee your complete satisfaction! If you'd like more information about how IDS works with builders, designers and architects, contact us today!

Tech Bulletin
FYI on Alarm Systems
Most alarm systems are still communicating to the central station over telephone lines when your alarm goes off. This used to be the main method of communication but a lot has changed. Most people no longer have actual copper phone lines but are using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which is a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection.The main problem is that if your cable modem should go down or if you lose power, your alarm system will no longer be able to connect with the central station and unfortunately help will not be on its way in an emergency.

The best form of communication is through a Radio Transmitter located in your home which connects instantly to a receiver in the central station. Not only is this the fastest and most reliable method but it also monitors periodically to make sure that your radio connection is still active
and ready to function in an emergency. Want to learn more? Re ach out to us today at 516-625-6060 or by email .
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