Are you good at spotting talent?

Often the talents of chapter members who could play a more valuable role in the chapter and be a future leader of the chapter are overlooked.   T alent is one of your chapter's biggest resources; and if that talent is overlooked, your chapter is the loser for missing out on people with talent that are flying under the radar.

Interestingly and according to the article,  21st Century Talent Spotting written for Harvard Business Review by Claudio Fernández Aráoz, "For thousands of years, humans made choices about each other based on physical attributes - fitness, health, strength. Those attributes were easy to assess, and, despite their growing irrelevance, we still unconsciously look for them.  Fortune 500 CEOs are on average 2.5 inches taller than the average American, and the statistics on military leaders and country presidents are similar."

Talent-spotting of today's era is different
. Success starts with focusing on what matters - helping your members to contribute more. 
With that in mind, when you are spotting talent and trying to understand whether a member can contribute more by leading committees or assuming officer positions, ask these questions: 
1.  Are they bright enough to cope with a change in responsibility?
2.  Are they good at getting support from other people and will seek out other resources than themselves?
3.  If put in the deep end, will they swim or sink? 
4 . Do they actually want wha t you are offering them? Sometimes a talented person knows they can do a bigger job but has other things going on in their lives.
5. Will they deliver?

When spotting talent, look for someone with 
curiosity, engagement,  passion, and artistic attitude. You need the right people doing the right job to make your chapter great. 

Entries are still being accepted for the 6th Annual HSPI Student Simulation Competition sponsored by Flexism. For details, visit   simulation competition website Contact Bonnie Cameron  with questions.