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During an Animal Communication session with Anna, Jax said he wanted to be in the ROTH newsletter.

Here he is sporting his new hairdo.

Congratulations Jax! You made it!
In This Issue
Welcome to our second, new look, Newsletter!  As you can see we tweaked it just a bit to make it as clear, informative and fun as we can. 

I am at Zuma's Rescue Ranch today for Day 3 of our Holistic Horsemanship Foundation Course, and we are having a blast!  If you've joined us for the HHC in the past then you know the joys, trials, tribulations, laughter, long days and incredible amount of learning that is this intense, life-changing experience. If you haven't joined us, I hope you get to experience it some day.  There is just nothing like it!

This year we have a great group of people. After only 2 days I can already tell this is going to be an amazing 2 weeks.  They are a talented, hard-working, feisty group and they are "rarin' to go!"

But remember, you don't need to be at the HHC, the Colt Starting, the Foal Gentling or even the Untouched Horse experience to have a life-changing adventure.  Summer is in full effect!  Take some time for you, your horse or maybe even your whole family and explore something new and exciting!  Don't let monotony lull you into the same routine once again.  Before you know it the crisp, cool air of Autumn will be nipping at your nose and another year will have passed.

No matter what you do, or how much money you spend, make this a summer you will never forget!

See you on the trail,

From our Herd to Yours

Excalibur is very interested in our guest here at the ROTH Ranch.  Watching his reaction to our new arrival has been an entertaining endeavor. 

If you look closely in the photo to the right, you can see where Excalibur marked his territory along the fence line with his unique scent. 

X Protecting His Herd 
Watch as X Protects His Herd 
Have you ever noticed what your horses do when something changes?  Their behavior is never random.  Horses don't do things, "just because".  There is always a reason...

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Horsemanship and Animal Communication pages.

On the Trail with Anna
Healing Horses at Bitterroot Ranch

Dubois, Wyoming 

June 8-15, 2014

 Hear from a few of the students who went on this Great Adventure!


Coming to Bitterroot Ranch was yet another threshold in my life. Completing my Reiki Master and horsemanship clinic was like separating the wheat from the chaff- the good pieces of energy healing remained. Anna's clinic gave me the horsemanship piece to combine with energy healing, a gift to share with a horse.


Thank you Anna, for your kind, caring, and compassionate teaching. My gift to you will be to pay it forward.


- Kathy Wallace, Waynesville, OH


Anna is a remarkable teacher. She took a group of students with energy and horsemanship experience that ranged from none to extensive and wove together a 5-day program that was challenging and enriching for all of us. To be taught by a world-class expert was a privilege. To witness her skill as a horsewoman and a light-worker and her passion and commitment to both paths was in itself a magnificent lesson. To do this in the spectacular Wyoming landscape surrounded by horses is an experience that is hard to match.


-Martha Faraday, Berryville, VA


I came to this clinic without any prior knowledge of Reiki, but with a desire to do more for my horse's health and well-being. Since I was most excited for the horsemanship aspect, the first two days were incredibly invaluable to me. What I didn't expect was to have an effect with Reiki, and I was pleasantly surprised by my own ability to be a conduit for energy healing (and that it was even possible to begin with!).  


The experience in the corral on the last day, with the horses at liberty and requesting energy healing, was a once-in-a-lifetime moment that is never to be forgotten. I'm grateful to Anna for her knowledge and devotion to our development, and to the ranch for sharing their horses, and their magnificent facilities with all of us.


-Michelle Brook, Brooklyn, NY



photo by Michelle Brook
Words simply cannot do justice to the exhilaration and beauty of this week with Anna and the horses. The diversity of the experiences throughout the week all came together in a mind blowing immersion amongst the horses. I leave wanting more... of life, of horses... of everything.



Anna, you are a gifted and special woman!

   I thank you.

    -Lynora Hart, San Francisco, C






3-Day Liberty Clinic

Zuma's Rescue Ranch

Littleton, CO
June 20-22, 2014

Anna's endless knowledge is articulated so well to each and every one of her students in the clinic.  Everyone comes away with observational tools, inspiration, validation and more....  Anna's clinics go beyond what any other equine clinic offers for both the horse and the participant.
~ Celia
Another three day clinic deftly articulated with tangible tools.  I always leave with anticipation to work with and practice your whisper teachings.   


Bringing in horses with different personalities and experiences opened our thinking of problem solving and respecting each individual horse's reactions.


Thank you for teaching us humans a respectful, loving way to understand our horses.


The perpetual auditor,

Helen Hedtke


Horsemanship Clinic with Littleton 4H Group
Littleton, CO
June 24, 2014

I had a fantastic day working with the 4H Club out of Littleton.  We discussed and worked through the basics of learning the language of equus.  A great day with wonderful new friends!

ROTH Virtual Classroom
Holistic Horsemanship Experience, Denmark, May 2014
Holistic Horsemanship Experience, Denmark, May 2014
Holistic Horsemanship Experience

Denmark, May 2014

Watch these pairs of horses and humans learn with and from each other as they work through various obstacles.  Learn subtleties of how to help your horse trust you to lead them through  scary situations in-hand and then translate that confidence to the saddle. 
Ask Anna

Hi Anna,   

I love seeing the amazing life you are leading!  Your son is adorable. 

I'm need in of some advice. There is so much controversy about the carriage horses in NYC. My concern is how they are kept each night after working all day. Some people argue with me on Facebook and tell me to visit the barns, but they really don't allow visitation. People tell me to check out "Roger the Carriage horse," but he is at a farm retired. Again, my concern is how they are kept each day. 

Can you offer any advice on how I can offer the correct conversation for me to get across my feelings, without sounding like an angry maniac?


Any advice would be appreciated,   xoxoxoxo 




Hi Cynthia,


Anytime you talk about a controversial topic you will get advice from social media and now that the world has become so small there are many "self-appointed experts".    


Although I understand that the carriage horses are seen as part of NY's tradition and maybe even history, many will be photographed and tourists will enjoy the romance behind the experience.  I believe the City has maybe outgrown this part of their tourist entertainment.   


Once upon a time the horses will have been surrounded by maybe less stimulus than today.  It's a challenge for any horse to be trained in such an environment where they can simply not get away from all that surrounds them.   


There is nothing natural about standing on concrete 24/7 and not being able to roam freely or interact with other horses.  Fresh grass will have become a mere dream.   Relaxation and removal from noises, history.   


All that they endure goes against nature and their natural instincts.  Maybe they are being kept where all their biological "needs" are being met, as this is easily justifiable.  And yet when we ask the horses how they truly feel are we open to their answers?   


We can argue all day long what is right for them, but the horses are talking and its time to listen to each one individually.





If you have a question, about anything, let us know!  Send your questions to info@reachoutthorses.com.  

In the News
"Horses with Heritage"
Cody & Beyond Magazine, 2014

Student ROTH Instructor, Michelle Dimmock is interviewed for a piece called "Horses with Heritage," where she discusses a successful method of population control for the McCullough Peaks mustangs which could allow them to remain on the range.


"What do you mean we don't get to ride them?"
Student Sara Sherman authors an article where she describes her work with horses and at-risk youth.  A truly touching story about watching a child find herself through her interactions with a few special horses.

Read all about it!
A Moment of Reflection...

I had an amazing experience tonight... As I was here hanging out with Shohan because he was overheated...  


TNT and Jethro were laying down resting - so I laid down next to TNT and she then laid down all the way on her side next to me and Jethro then laid down on his side next to her...  


It was incredible, and it could never have happened without the help you've given me - so thank you, for one of the most amazing   experiences in my life...       -Val 


Thank you, Anna!  

I was just listening to the "Call of the Horses" CD, and the courage you brought to meet the demands of love just broke my heart open and is truly inspiring! It was good to hear your voice again.  






Hi Anna,


Do you remember Astory? She wanted to be ridden just as the other older mares. Now she is in training, and she really acts like she said to you/us: wants to learn everything without any fear or problems.


She has always been a rather nervous horse, but doesn't show any signs at all of that anymore; she really likes it! 


BTW, since February she is pregnant, which also matured her personality immediately 100%. I've never seen a change like that. 


Kind regards,



To keep up with everything that's going on at the Reach Out Ranch, don't forget to like us on Facebook at Anna's Horsemanship and Animal Communication pages.


ROTH Resources
I feel very blessed to be able to return every year to Bitterroot Ranch in Wyoming for the Healing Horses Retreat.  If you would like to experience this incredible week but can't leave your house I have the perfect solution for you.

Reiki: Energy Healing for Horses was filmed, on location, at Bitterroot Ranch.  Take in the breathtaking scenery and learn the art of Reiki for your horse and all animals.

Reiki: Energy Healing for Horses™ 


Ancient Art, Modern Miracles Take Your Energy Healing Practice to the Horses with this Unique, Comprehensive Program!

A 2-DVD Set



Created Exclusively by International Equine Specialist, Natural Horsemanship Clinician, Animal Communicator and Karuna Reiki Master, Anna Twinney, this program will give you everything you need to bring all the benefits of energy healing to not only your horse but all your animal companions .

Incorporating her decades of experience in equine behavior, herd dynamics, body language and interspecies communication, Anna will show you how the ancient art of Reiki, and almost any healing modality, can be safely adapted from humans to horses.  She will also share her secrets of how to read your horse, give them a voice and create the exact healing session they need and desire.

Filmed at the picturesque Bitterroot Ranch in Dubois, Wyoming, you will join 10 students and learn the very same tools and techniques taught on the exclusive ROTH Healing Horses workshop. 

In this 2-DVD program you will learn to:

  • Conduct a safe and effective session

  • Recognize your horse's registers; signs that the energy is having its effect

  • Ask your horse's permission        

  • Introduce yourself to any horse with Reiki Scanning

  • Locate potential areas in need of attention

  • Identify, Clear and Balance your horse's Chakras

  • Use proper hand positions

  • Include aids like the pendulum in your session

  • Connect with your horse with the exclusive and powerful Love Lessons

  • Incorporate Reiki into your everyday horse work (and play)

  • Gauge the length of a session and how to close it

  • And lots more...

If you've wanted to bring your healing practice to your animals but were unsure how, let Anna guide you through the do's and don'ts, give you the structure, the knowledge and the confidence you need to create consistent results with your horses and all your animal companions. 

Our horses give so much to us and now is your chance to give the gift of healing to them.

Join Anna and discover the powerful world of Reiki for Horses.


Your Copy is Waiting... 


Young Living Oils to the Rescue!

Dear Anna,


I wanted to share my miracle with you and your readers:


Valor testimony here for horse people. I have a wonderful mare. Sporadically and for whatever reason for years she has had poll issues radiating down her neck.  I have never really been able to touch her ears of the top of her poll without her going into a panic.  You can tell when bothering her as she doesn't want you to touch ears, face or neck AT ALL. Last year it was so bad it radiated all down her back into her hips and down legs into her stifles and hock to the point of making walking a challenge for her.  I couldn't touch her anywhere. Finally after much resources lost to no improvement with conventional medicine, she was healed with energy work. 

Now for reasons unknown she started displaying same behavior again so I'm looking at her diagrams from the chiropractor studying the areas of distress, and a light... bulb goes on.....Valor.


"Chiro" in a bottle. 

#3429 - Valor Essential Oil - 15 ml 
Valor� is an empowering combination of therapeutic-grade essential oils that works with both the physical and spiritual aspects of the body to increase feelings of strength, courage, and self-esteem in the face of adversity. Renowned for its strengthening qualities, Valor enhances an individual's internal resources. It has also been found to help energy alignment in the body.

So I brought Valor out to the barn thinking it might buy her some temporary solution until I could arrange an appointment for her.   As I'm applying it she realizes it feels good and instead of continuing to jerk away from my hand, she leans into it hard.  Several hours later when I went back to the barn... It is still holding. She is letting me pet her face, neck and even scratch her ear base??? Never before!!! Never! So my little mare will get Valor regularly for a week or so to see if we can't resolve this problem for her once and for all!


This horse never ever complains. She truly is an angel from heaven above and it completely tears me apart to see her in any pain. I believe in miracles and I believe Valor is going to fix this for her or at the very least maintain it for her. 

As I write this today, it is about three weeks later from the first application.  At first I applied generously (diluted) and daily.  Two weeks into Valor application I was actually able to hug this horse for the first time since owning her.  I'm applying Valor weekly now, and it is just fine with me if I need to oil her weekly to keep her pain free.  Valor to the rescue. 


I have a separate success but hilarious story about using R.C. and Raven on my sensitive little red horse, and another with Release on my black rescue mare but I will save those for another day.  The sun is shining here today and soon time to go to the barn.


Shireen Lee


Where in the World is Anna?
In a few short weeks I will be returning to Cody, Wyoming

Check it out!

August 15-22, 2014                Reach Out to Horses Holistic Horsemanship
                                                CERTIFICATION Course Part III
                                                Cody, Wyoming

August 25-31, 2014                Reach Out to the Untouched Horse
1 SPOT REMAINING          Cody, Wyoming

September 8-13, 2014            The Comprehensive Foal Gentling Event
                                                 Friends of Horses Rescue, Centennial, CO

September 26-28, 2014          Evening of Animal Communication and
                                                 2-Day Animal Communication Workshop
                                                 Pregnant Mare Rescue, Watsonville, CA

Student Success
Great work happening with ROTH Trainer Lorraine Campbell and ROTH Graduate Ania! 

ROTH Trainer, Lorraine Campbell, gives Zuma's rescue, Mocha a place
to learn and grow!

"Week after week since Labor day 2013 Lorraine has been driving multiple times a week from Boulder to work with Mocha, our rescue from Fall. Now miss Lorraine has aground to
take Mocha to her little farm in Boulder to continue her training, at zero cost to Zuma's! What a gem of a working student Katie has in Lorraine. We will miss her frequent visits but Mocha will benefit from daily handing from Lorraine. Thank you Lorraine."     

ROTH Graduate Ania adopts Zuma's Lily!!
"Parting is such sweet sorrow even with it is the best thing for the horses adopted from Zuma's. Miss Lily finally found the perfect home, so similar from where she was born, it was meant to be. Ania has given Lily her dream home in Old Snowmass, Colorado with a small herd and fields to roam. 

Thank you Anna Twinney and ROTH for bringing these two together in a clinic a year ago, and thank you to Katie and Paul for safely transporting our girl to her new home.... Ania, Thank you for giving Lily the perfect home we has been dreaming about."


Much thanks to Zuma's newsletter for these wonderful updates!

Rescues Rescue Us


When I go down to the BLM Rock Springs holding facility I will see over 800 mustangs, crowded into pens, waiting to be adopted - just heartbreaking - which is why I'm so committed to finding adopters for at least some of them. I can personally say that the trust, bond, and partnership that grows when working with a mustang is pure magic!


Michaele Dimock, Cody WY

I got a horse from this and we love him. I don't think I would have been comfortable getting a Mustang out right. Knowing he had some positive handling was great.

It's been a slow go with Art, now Future, but he seems to like it here, talks to us all the time and will allow us to interact with him at a much more trusting level. He was not the star student in this week long class, however, I feel he did get a great intro to understanding that we meant him no harm, he needed that.

This is a great program, and it has been great to know that when I have needed help with Future, I have been able to get the support from one of Anna's support team.
About Anna Twinney
Anna is known around the globe for her highly acclaimed work as an Equine Specialist, Natural Horsemanship Clinician, Animal Communicator and Karuna Reiki Master.
Based in Elizabeth, Colorado, she is the founder of Reach Out to Horses� - the most unique and complete equine training program in the world.

Anna was the first to combine the horse's language, animal communication and the use of energy to create a comprehensive and highly effective training program.  Her gentle methodologies create a stress-free, trust-based, true partnership between horse and human. 
In addition to her almost 2 decades of pioneering work with our equine companions, Anna is sought out by people, around the world, for her work as an Animal Communicator.  Through her classes and private sessions, she has helped thousands of animals and humans, and her ability to relate specific, verifiable and extremely useful information has helped to create an unblemished re

Anna is a regular contribSW-X&Iutor to a variety of national and international equine-related magazines, publications and websites including Equine Wellness, Horselink Magazine, Holistic Horse and Natural Horse, just to name a few.   

Additionally, her work has been featured on U.S. and international television, radio and internet programs, including Martha Stewart's Living, the BBC fly on the wall documentary Living in the Sun and the French TV Program, Echapp�es Belles. You can continue to see her work on 5 Equine Networks including Pegasus TV, HorseTV and Horse Lifestyle Holland. 

Anna has also created 9 Instructional DVD's including the comprehensive 6 Volume Reach Out to Natural Horsemanship Series, Success: Foals in Training, Reiki: Energy Healing for Horses and the new offering, Horse Whispering Defined.


For more information about Anna and the comprehensive Reach Out to Horses� program visit www.reachouttohorses.com. 

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