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June 2018
Volume 10  Issue 6

Digital Doubles  from Raw to Ready-to-Rig for the Entertainment Industry


TNG Visual E ffects is headquartered in  Los Angeles with offices in New York, New Orleans and Atlanta. We also have our subsidiary TNG Visual Effects Canada, Inc. in the  territories of Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto.

TNG Visual Effects  is a 3D scanning company in the entertainment industry that specializes in the creation of photo-realistic
digital assets. Many characters, vehicles, cars, sets, props,  animals, sculptures, and other items have been added to our scope of work since inception in 2009. 

Our team knows how to work with producers, directors, coordinators, A-list talent, and other agencies, making the most of their precious time and ensuring a successful project. TNG's work is always guaranteed. We are also highly noted for our ability to travel at a moments notice for a project. Exclusive use of highly mobile scanning systems allow for TNG to perform scans in practically any location.

TNG Building

Nick Tesi Image

June is in the air and the kids are getting out of school. This means be extra careful. This is also the last month of quarter 2. Lots of work to be done. I sincerely hope your summer is filled with activities. We intend to keep working on a few projects and taking in new ones as we grow.

At TNG, we are developing more techniques in relation to 3D scanning to give you better models. We are getting deeper into developing systems and products to expand our markets with our
high-tech scanners, skilled modelers, and our mobility.  We are always researching new technology and software to keep the quality of our service at the highest level, and to accelerate our pipeline. We do our best to provide a great product to our customers. 

We continue our search for partners who are synergistic to our service. Together we can help our customers save more while using better products.

Contact us  for more information.

LiDAR Scans

Do you have a project coming up, possibly in post? Or, maybe you decided that one of your characters is going to be vaporized. When the call goes out, you know this job needs to be done quickly,locally, be of good quality and the price must be right. Oh boy! Now that you've been hit with the "Perfect Storm", you're stuck with the decision of choosing what's a higher priority- price, quality or speed of completion. The pressure is on to contact all of the local service bureaus. Have you ever been in this dilemma? You'll learn that the best prices tend to come from companies no one has heard of; the best quality comes from the most expensive VFX houses; plus other known houses are usually too busy.

As it so happens, this is our world and our expertise. We live for the scramble to get the job done at the highest possible quality. Do you know how often we here "The talent is in makeup and prosthetics cannot travel off-set. We need you to come to us. Oh and by the way, tomorrow is our last day with the actor."? Or "We have 10 actors to get scanned next Tuesday and we only have the one day."Or "we would like 15 expressions for 9 characters." It is for these reasons that we have a portable solution including a full photogrammetry system. 

We have found that the more flexible we are, the more solutions we can provide your your planned (or unplanned) scanning needs. We do have a studio, but more often than not, we do our scanning on site. Because who has time to send talent out? Let us tackle your next project. Call us and you will get the price, speed and quality you're looking for. Why settle for less?
VR 101
The hot topic right now is Virtual Reality (VR) and the tools that support it. VR artificially creates sensory experiences, which can include sight, hearing, touch, and smell. But its uses go well beyond just experiencing your favorite game on a headset. 

We've included this thorough guide to all things VR. Take a look to learn more about VR and its amazing and innovative uses!

                      Virtual Reality 101

LiDAR scanners are at the top of their game. They have been performing for the last couple of decades and getting better over that time. 
Artec-Faro-Canon +
Equipment prices have gone down while its functionality has gone up. They can now see further distances and the quality of the data being returned have increased dramatically. Some models even have preview screens to look where you are in the scanning process. They've become smaller in size and weight. Massive strides have been made in LiDAR scanning technology.

We get requests to scan sets, buildings, cars, trucks, trains, and ships. We have even scanned an Elephant using LiDAR. So, whether it's a house (inside and out) or the set just before they strike it, we are here to consult, to do the job and deliver a model that we guarantee you'll love at any point in your pipeline. Feel free to give us a call!

3D Scanned with Lidar like equipment, retopolized and textured.

Thank you for taking the time to review our newsletter. If you have any questions, or would like to consider TNG Visual Effects in your next bid, please contact us. 
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