A note from Melodie (our CEO) ...
What would your best year ever look like? Would it be work-life balance, good health, seeing the fulfillment of your vision and mission, a crisis-free year, or a year without regret? 
In our line of consulting, we often hear clients voice regret – 
  • regret that they let things fall between the cracks, 
  • regret that they didn’t take more precautions when screening, 
  • regret that they did not believe a victim that came forward with a disclosure,
  • regret that they didn't hold someone accountable for their actions,
  • regrets that they didn't maintain good documentation when they needed the paperwork to demonstrate due diligence,
  • regret that they didn’t listen to their intuition or discernment when they felt something was off with grooming behaviour, or
  • regret that they showed too much trust or granted too much grace, only to discover that someone was abusing their power, authority or control.

What regrets do you have from 2022?
Michael Hyatt, states “Society likes to suggest we live life with no regrets. But regret has fantastic value for improving our lives. Regret is a form of information that can help guide effective after-action review processes. It can encourage reflection on mistakes, and if we use the information appropriately, we may prevent future mistakes. In addition, regret may offer you motivation. Genuine feelings of regret can push us to change our outcomes. Finally, regret may increase your integrity. Regret is a moral compass that helps us understand, through emotions, when we have made a mistake.”
Each year as I set up my new planner, I think through my regrets from the previous year and set goals for the next year to address those regrets or strive to improve. Then every day, I purposefully take action to accomplish those goals. 

Some of those goals are habit-forming, and some of those goals are achievement focused. 

This year I am celebrating the successes of this past year.
In 2022, We...
  • Certified five organizations, recognizing them with the Plan to Protect® Seal of Excellence; 
  • Successfully published a rewrite and update of two of our Plan to Protect® manuals, one for churches and one for associations; 
  • Sponsored and held a Clergy Sexual Abuse Forum with an attendance of over 150 people; 
  • Video recorded our new online training; 
  • Certified close to 400 students;Broke our record by having 1,300 individuals taking courses in our school during one month;
  • Published two new issues of PROTECT; and
  • Made huge progress with our Spanish manual. 
In 2023, our big goals include:
  • The launch of our updated version of our Orientation and Refresher training on our school. This will be video-recorded training, with shorter modules mirroring much of our onsite training.
  • The launch of our “automated policy writer.” This sophisticated and intuitive technology that will provide customized policies and procedures needs a name. Send us in name suggestions for a chance to win a beta test of this newest product. 
  • Train the Trainer Evergreen: A new level of certification for trainers that have successfully completed Train the Trainer Level One and Two. (We are piloting this course currently among National Trainers)

  • A one-day forum and training on VICTIM ADVOCACY. Mark your calendars and watch for upcoming details. 

Price Increase Notice
Please note:
Over the course of the past few years, we have attempted to keep our prices low for the faith and not-for-profit sector that we serve. We know that COVID has been challenging for everyone. We, too, have felt this burden, and our low prices are catching up to us, as we have not been able to end the year in the black, invest any proceeds into new research and development, or provide a competitive wage to our staff members. Therefore, you will notice a price increase in training and memberships this coming year. Our hope is that you continue to see the value of this investment as we strive to help you achieve a high standard of protection and safeguarding. 
Check out our Training in January
January 12, 2023
12:30pm - 1:00pm Eastern Time
Special Interest: Safeguarding Training -- Who? What? Where? When? Why?
During our Deeper Dive series of seminars in 2023, we will showcase our updated Plan to Protect® manual, best practices, and standard of care that every organization serving the vulnerable sector should embrace. These seminars provide you and your team with a deeper insight and knowledge of these topics, policies and procedures, and you will be able to invest in broadening your understanding of the needs of those that need protection.

In this webinar, we will unpack what you need to know to meet insurance requirements for training and equip your staff and volunteers to safeguard your people.
January 10, 2023
12:30pm - 1:00pm Eastern Time

Learn the basics and standard of Plan to Protect. This is a complimentary webinar. Register to participate LIVE with Q&A time, or to receive access to an instant replay.

for details and registration.
January 17, 2023
1:00pm - 2:00pm Eastern Time Elder Abuse Awareness

A one-hour seminar designed to raise the awareness of Elder Abuse. During this community event, we will learn what Elder Abuse is, how to recognize and respond to it. Everyone is welcome! Let's plan to protect!

for details and registration.
January 26, 2023
8:00pm - 9:30pm Eastern Time

Great for individuals and groups who need to be refreshed in Plan to Protect® policies and procedures.

for details and registration.
January 28, 2023
1:00pm - 3:30pm Eastern Time

Join us for this two hour orientation training covering awareness of abuse, prevention, reporting and response and so much more!

for details and registration.
January Special
Sign up for the Plan to Protect® Screening during January on the Alpha Platform, and you will receive your first three criminal record checks free.*
(Value $100)

Cost for criminal record checks on our Alpha platform $33 per person

If you are a member of Plan to Protect®, you will save an additional $4 on each check.

*Some conditions apply:
  • A minimum of five criminal record checks must be processed during January to receive the first three checks for free.
  • Only new registrations qualify for the three complimentary criminal record checks.
  • To register, users must sign the End User Agreement and have a current credit card on file with Plan to Protect®.