Pro Bono Week  is here! Join Taproot and our colleagues around the world to celebrate the donation of professional services for the public good.  

We have a lot to be proud of. In our newly-released key findings from the State of Pro Bono Service Survey you'll see that 95% of nonprofits found that pro bono service improved their organization's effectiveness. What we're doing together is  working. Now, how do we make it more accessible, more efficient, and even more effective? Companies like yours have an incredible opportunity to help lead the way.

Many companies make pro bono a part of how they do business. We know you're not doing it just because it feels good -- you need your investment to matter to those you serve. In partnership with True Impact and with support from Mastercard, we're introducing a new guide to help you measure the social return of your pro bono programming.

We're so excited to release this guide as part of Taproot's celebration of Pro Bono Week!   Check it out -- and let us know what you think.  

Thank you for doing it pro bono,

Cat Ward
National Director, Advisory Services
Taproot Foundation
Pro Bono Capacity Building: Evaluating What Matters Most
A new guide released by Taproot and True Impact, with support from Mastercard
We recognize the lack of pro bono program measurement standards and common confusion over how to measure the effects of pro bono service. So w e developed  a practical guide to help pro bono practitioners validate their company's investment,  tell the story of their impact on the nonprofits they serve, and continuously improve their programs.

This new guide will help you recognize what to measure and how to me asure it. Sp ecifically, it will:
  • Demystify impact measurement with straightforward guidance and new tools, including our Pro Bono Capacity Building Logic Model and Pro Bono Impact Sample Survey 
  • Articulate the three key business benefits of measuring the social impact of pro bono programs 
  • Help integrate this guidance at your own company with our practical implementation tips and tricks and a case study from Mastercard


 Contact Taproot's Advisory Services: advisory@taprootfoundation.org