Why It Pays to Go PPO
Your Delta Dental benefits cover you at any licensed dentist. However, to ensure you’re saving the most money and using your benefits to the fullest, it’s best to visit a Delta Dental network dentist.
That’s because network dentists agree to discounted fees for services. Delta Dental has 2 types of network dentists: PPO and Premier. Both offer discounted rates, but you’ll save the most money if you see a PPO dentist.

The chart below shows how much you save with each type of dentist: PPO, Premier or out-of-network.
Understanding Delta Dental's Networks

Watch this video to learn more about Delta Dental's networks and how you can save the most money by visiting a PPO dentist.
Ready to Find a Dentist?

Nearly 90% of Arizona’s licensed, practicing dentists are in the Delta Dental network. Use our provider search tool to find a Delta Dental dentist near you.
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*Out-of-network dentists have not agreed to charge a lower fee and can bill the full $1,200. Delta Dental has set a limit on the accepted amount at $1,100, which means Delta Dental’s share of the tab is $550.
**The dentist can bill you the difference between the maximum allowed fee and what they charge.
†Delta Dental of Arizona internal data: Arizona network data is calculated as the number of unique dentists contracted with Delta Dental of Arizona as of March 2019.