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June 2019
Introduction: Father's Day
During the month of June, we celebrate all the amazing fathers in our lives. I cherish the memories of my father. He passed away two years ago and there is never a day that passes that I do not think about him. He was my biggest cheerleader and coach as I began Plan to Protect ®, and his inspiration, prayers and influence cheered me on.
My wish is that every person would experience the amazing love, acceptance, protection and care of a father. However, I know that too many children and young people experience the absence and loss a father. 
Jonathan Lewis is a friend, a father, a financial planner, and a philanthropist. Jonathan shared his story of becoming fatherless in his book, Deep Water. Jonathan lost his father in a scuba diving accident when he was fifteen years old. Jonathan was on a day trip alone with his father when his father did not survive the dive.

Jonathan shares his story, how he lost his father, and the years of loneliness and despondency. He also speaks to his own healing, the issues of forgiveness and breaking the cycle wrongs that are often passed down from generation to generation. 
I don’t know what your father or fatherless story is, but I believe through our schools, camps and agencies we can shape a generation of individuals that can become the fathers they are meant to be. This is one way that we can help break the cycle of abuse.  
-Melodie Bissell, President and CEO at Plan to Protect ®
Becoming Fatherless : An Excerpt from Deep Water by Jonathan Lewis
When I was a young boy, I loved September. And it wasn’t because the leaves were changing colour or because of the crisp smells in the air. It was because the first Monday of October was near, and the first Monday of October was the opening of bird hunting season in Nova Scotia.
On that day, I knew my dad and I would take off from school and work, and we would be up at four in the morning, in the truck and heading to the woods. We’d have our sandwiches and our soup, and we would spend fourteen hours together, in the apple orchards and surrounding woods walking around looking for our quarry, having lunch together and shooting a partridge or a pheasant if we saw one. In the traditional sense, I would be learning from Dad during this time, and I would be learning the basics of manhood. We were father and son, in nature,
hunting for our supper for that weekend, and I loved it.
That thrill carried into deer season and then into rabbit season and even into Christmas, Dad’s favourite holiday. October through December was the best time of year for me because I got to spend time with my dad.

When I was growing up, I didn’t care how nice of a house we had, how nice of a car we had, how much money we spent, or even how often we went on vacation. What I cared about most was spending time with my dad. He was a busy, working man who had a deep desire to make his mark, provide for his family, and feel valuable in the world, and that made it difficult to get in time with him. So I coveted it. I coveted every bit of time I could get with my dad, and I miss him every single day.

His name was Wayne Lewis, and he was bigger than life. He captured people’s attention in a gregarious way, and he had a vibrant personality. He was light-hearted, too, and he knew how to have fun.
He could shift gears from “work mode” to “fun mode” better than anyone I’ve ever known. And when he was with you, you knew you had his attention 100 percent! My dad was a hard-working businessman with great integrity. I saw him suffer in business because he wouldn’t follow other men in their weaknesses.

Instead, he did whatever was right, and he was extremely generous. He was fearless, too. He was never limited by fear but instead faced it head-on. I think it was a tremendous demonstration of his masculinity.
Not in a beat-your-chest kind of way, but in a personally triumphant kind of way, saying, “This is what I am trying to achieve. Fear will not stop me.” He demonstrated that all the time, and it never did.
Most of all, my dad was committed to his family. He loved us all very much, and that’s important to say, because he didn’t have that kind of loving up-bringing.

-Jonathan Lewis
Deep Water: How to Face Fatherlessness, Fill the Gap, and Be The Man God Made You To Be
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